5 Fast Facts about actress & singer Amelia Ayris

Amelia Ayris is a 13-year-old Australian actress, musician, singer and model with a string of credits in film, television, professional theatre, and professional singing.

She is also a strong advocate for issues relating to fellow teens and started her own production company called AHA Pictures Pty Ltd where she produces short films to spread awareness of these issues, including Short Sleeves which she wrote, directed and starred in.

She’s one to watch in the Australian, and soon Los Angeles, market. Here’s 5 fast facts about Amelia!

Photo: Tammy Oliver Photography

She’s already an auteur.

I wrote, produced and starred in a film called Short Sleeves. I literally wrote, re-wrote, cast the roles, fundraised the production costs, helped scout the location, and found the crew. The special moment was having all of these people on set working together to make MY vision come to life, and then seeing the final edit. To make it even more special, the film is up for awards at three film festivals and has seven nominations in the Australia Screen Industry Network Awards. Not only is the film being recognised, but I’m nominated as Best Screenwriter and Best Actress which is surreal.

She’s got some good advice for anyone being bullied.

I have been pretty lucky so far to not have had too many issues with Bullying. I think most of us experience it at some stage with one-off incidents. I’ve had some issues with nasty comments verbally and on social media. I’m pretty fortunate because I have thick skin and I don’t take these things too personally. My advice to kids getting bullied is to surround yourself with the people who appreciate you for who you are. And to remember that sometimes you may feel alone but there are people out there who love you. Most bullying comes from jealousy and resentment – it says more about the bullies that it does you. X

If you’ve ever made a big boo-boo, you can probably relate to this next story.

I don’t get too embarrassed, but this one was horrific. I was lucky enough to work on the professional tour of the Sound of Music. Opening Night arrived and my Von Trapp family had the honour of being the Opening Night performers and involved in all the pre-media recordings. My first scene was about 10 minutes in when I marched down the stairs with my siblings. I’m pretty clumsy and I missed a step and ended up sliding down the whole stair case on my bottom. The theatre filled with gasps, but I stuck the landing with a smile. Did I mention that the theatre was full of several news outlets, the whole cast and crew and all the VIP’s??? So embarrassing.

She’s got musical chops – NATURALLY.

Most people identify me as an Actress, but I also work very hard with my Music. I’ve recently received an Arts Scholarship and a position in a Music Excellence Program. What people don’t know is that I have not had a singing lesson for 2 years, and that I am self taught on Guitar, Ukulele and Piano. I can teach myself to play the melody of a song without music. 

If you’d like your fortune read, she’s your gal.

I’m really interested in Intuition and Spiritual Readings. I recently bought a deck of Tarot Cards and have been teaching myself to read them. So lately I’ve been waking around with my cards and practicing doing readings on my friends and family. I’m not very good, but it’s definitely an unusual thing for a 13yo to carry around.

Selfie time!

In the car (as usual) on the way to read lines for a friend who has an audition to tape. We help each other out. 





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