5 Fast Facts about actress & singer Kacey Fifield

Kacey Fifield is a 14 year old singer/songwriter/actress from Los Angeles, California who started acting when she was 8 years old.  She appeared in multiple films, commercials and TV shows (including Nickelodeon).  Kacey started her singing lessons when she was 10 years old and soon after she has released her first original single “When I grow up”.  Since then she has released ten other original singles, including “Hear Me Out” about youth empowerment and kindness. 

Kacey’s most recent singles are “Listen To The Silence,” “We Are The Stars” and “Bring Me Down.” Kacey was nominated by The Young Entertainer Awards for her performance in the music video for “Listen to the Silence”.  She has also received nominations by Young Artist Awards for best vocalist in “Won’t Give Up” and best performance in the music video for “Listen to the Silence”. Each of her songs contains important messages and inspirational lyrics.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Kacey!

Kacey by Sagaj 2019
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Her new song is called Bring Me Down.

My new song “Bring Me Down” is about not letting the haters get to you.  You should follow your dreams no matter what and not let anyone’s negativity stop you. It’s a super important message for everyone to remember so they can fulfill their potential!  It has a great beat so it’s a perfect song to dance to at all the summer parties.

She has some cool Plan B ideas.

I’d love to be an entrepreneur with my own brand! I also like helping the animals so I would love to have some sort of animal sanctuary. Who knows, I could still do that!

Her biggest pet peeve is_________________

People who jump to conclusions and won’t even bother listening to both sides of the story.

You should probably wash your hands before you meet her.

I am a bit of a germophobic, lol.  I wash my hands all the time and carry hand sanitizer everywhere!

She’s got a video coming up!

I’m currently working on a concept for the music video for my new song “Bring Me Down” but shh.  Also, always working on new music. 🙂


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