5 Fast Facts about actresses the Alphonse Twins

5 Fast Facts about actresses the Alphonse Twins

Andrea-Marie and Selena-Marie Alphones are 10-year-old identical twins. They have been seen in numerous commercials, print ads and TV shows. They are known for their roles in the Netflix original film, Holiday Rush. Aside from their acting careers, they enjoy TikTok, art, dancing and ice skating.

Here are 5 fast facts about the twins!

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They love being twins.

Andrea-Marie: The best part of being twins is that we always have each other to talk to. I could always go to Selena when there’s something on my mind.

Selena-Marie: I think the best part about being a twin is knowing that we always have someone to play with. We literally have a friend for life.

Although sharing can sometimes be a pain.

Andrea-Marie: I honestly don’t think there is a downside to being a twin. We’re best friends.

Selena-Marie: True, but if we had to say a downside side I think it would be sharing our dolls and dollhouses.

They even cry for each other when the other twin is upset!

Selena-Marie: One time I spilled chocolate ice cream on my white dress at a fancy event. I was so embarrassed that I started to cry because we couldn’t get the stain off.

Andrea-Marie: Then I started to cry because I wouldn’t let my twin cry alone. So we were both embarrassed because everyone was looking at us.

And conversations are kinda interesting.

Andrea-Marie: We actually finish a lot of each other’s sentences! It’s pretty crazy!

Selena-Marie: Sometimes we also say the same thing at the same time. 

Their spirit animals aren’t twins like them.

Andrea-Marie: My spirit animal is a bear because I love how cuddly and soft they are!

Selena-Marie: My spirit animal is a unicorn! I love how colorful and magical they are!

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