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5 Fast Facts about chef and actor Owen Osborne

Owen Osborne is an award-winning chef and actor. He is the winner of Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge (2016), Uncle Ben’s® Beginner contest (2017), Healthiest Kid Chef in America (2018), and Chopped Junior finalist (2019). Owen made his acting debut at age 5 in community theater. He fell in love with exploring characters, and eventually expanded his career from stage to screen. He made his new media debut as The Child in Sarcastic Actor (2019), appeared as Jack in the short film The Painting (2019), and landed several regional and national commercials. Owen makes his feature film debut in The Place We Hide (2020), and delves into the supernatural world as the mysterious French-speaking Fabien Chamoy in the thriller series La Laurie Parrish (2021).

When he isn’t acting or cooking, he can be found competing on his city & state swim teams, writing for Chop Chop Magazine, serving in youth ministry at church, volunteering with his chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, and being an advocate for allergy-safe food options in school cafeterias and restaurants.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Owen!

owen osborne

He loves his Iron Chef AG, but also recognizes the hard work the rest of the crew puts in!

Chopped Junior and Food Network are a dream come true! Beyond meeting the one and only ICAG, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, what makes the show special is the behind the scenes machine of talented people you don’t get to see. Everyone from Ms. Sara, the culinary producer, to the drivers, PAs, EMTs and set tutor, all worked together to make my time at the Network so amazing. I’m looking forward to going back!

His signature dish made him big bucks.

My absolute favorite thing to cook is my vegan jambalaya. Not only is it a play on my late grandfather’s favorite dish, but it’s a spicy, soulful presentation of allergy safe goodness that I used to win a $45,000 grand prize!

If you asked his best friends what his best quality is, they would say:

My best friends would tell you that I am fiercely loyal, and always willing to lend support in the form of a listening ear, prayer, ridiculous laughter, or any combination of the three.

He’s got an old school listening habit.

People might be surprised to know that I mostly listen to Radio Classics on XM. I love the old comedies and mysteries that played before television became a popular source of entertainment.

His two dream roles would be polar opposites.

My dream role would be a Marvel character. Come on, who wouldn’t want to be one? I would love to be an action hero that is also brainy, brave, spiritual, and another great character that other brown girls and boys could look up to. If I had to pick a close second, if they ever revived Family Matters, I would love to play Urkel. That character is pure comedic gold!

Selfie time!

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Social Media: @theowenosborne (IG & FB)Public

Credits: https://imdb.me/owenosborne

Clips & Photos: https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/owenosborne

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