5 Fast Facts about Country Singer-Songwriter Queeva

15year-old up-and-coming songstress QUEEVA has released her first album How Do You Know on July 12. She co-wrote every track on the album with mentor and hit songwriter Jamie O’Neal, who is also credited as producer of the album.

Born in Chicago, IL, QUEEVA was raised with five siblings in a creative Irish clan speaking both Gaelic and English and dividing her time between the US and Ireland. In fact, her name, sometimes spelled Caoimhe, means, “gentle,” “beautiful” or “precious” in that language.  Early on, QUEEVA gravitated to Country music’s greatest storyteller-artists who were skilled in illumining their everyday experiences in a song.

In addition to music, she’s also appeared on Nickelodeon’s Fresh Faces, Chicago Fire, a Build-a-Bear commercial, and others.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Queeva.


Although she is very young, one of her songs reflects deep personal loss.

My song “You’re Still Here” had a big impact on me because I wrote that song when I was 9 years old and I wrote it about my aunt that had passed away who was really special to me. It was just really hard because it would bring that memory back that she wasn’t there. Then when I rerecorded it, that is when my grandma passed away so it was really hard for me but I’m really glad with how the song turned out. It has a really special place in my heart because I think of them whenever I play it.

The most surprising thing she experienced while recording the album is ________

I think being surprised on how cool and different each song on the album turned out and when you get in the studio and you bring a song that you’ve written and seeing how it comes to life is so cool.

One of her acting gigs was surreal.

I guess you could say one of the weirdest things was when I was on Chicago Fire (well, it’s not weird but it was weird to me because I wasn’t used to it), but I had my own trailer and it had a star on it with my name and it had a bed, a fire place — it was just crazy! It was so cool!

She’s a former Irish dancer.

I was actually an Irish dancer for about four years. It was a lot of fun but I couldn’t really juggle everything I was doing at the same time so unfortunately I had to give it up. But yeah! Most people don’t know that about me!

There’s one treat she loves above all others.

I love ice cream. Like all day every day I could eat it. It’s just so good! I really love ice cream. Ha!

queeva selfie
“Spending time with my siblings and swimming!”








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