5 Fast Facts about fashion designer Francesca Watson

Francesca Watson is a fashion designer in Central Florida, well-known for organizing two major fashion events in the Orlando area — one for adults and one for kids and teens. We recently covered her Fancy Fashion Frenzy (video highlights and interviews to come!) for the second year in a row, and it was fantastic!

Let’s find out more about this inspiring leader in her 5 Fast Facts with TWK!

Francesca Watson

She’s a veteran at throwing events.

The Fancy Fashion Frenzy originated as a spin off event to my five-year-standing Deck The Runway holiday fashion event. I wanted to create a separate platform for kids and teens to gain fundamental skills in modeling and gain confidence and I also felt as though the mixed crowd with kids at Deck the Runway would place limits on Deck The Runway in terms of the type of music that could be played and the type of artists that could be booked. Now that the two ideas have been separated into two different platforms I am able to remove some red tape on DTRW while helping young aspiring models to gain the lasting skills that they need for a successful career in the modeling world, all while having fun.

She’s loves who she works with.

The best moment in my fashion career I would say is working with some of the people I used to watch on television and now some of them I have dressed for red carpets and music videos, and now I could call some of them LOL. That’s actually still so crazy to me. I actually have something really major coming, I cant say just yet but I have a feeling it is going to be the biggest moment yet.

Her designs aren’t copycats.

What helps me the most is being innovative, new and not following trends but setting my own. Asking myself questions about the design and thinking about what is going to set it apart from the rest.

Being stylish doesn’t mean she is a softie.

When people find out I was in the Army and went on two deployments … If they dont know me theyd be super shocked because I’m so into fashion — which is a total opposite from the combat boots life.

She cares a lot about others–to a fault.

My best superpower is having a big big heart- but lately I’ve been feeling like thats more of a curse than a gift.

Here is our coverage of 2022’s event–2023’s will appear on this website shortly!



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