5 Fast Facts about influencer Sydney Serena

Sydney Serena, , the O.G. VSCO girl (written about in Paper Magazine), is the girl to follow for all things fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. A master at all four, she’s built a huge community on YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok. She wants her followers to feel inspired while also keeping a comedic twist.

In a pivot from getting big on the ‘gram to getting her degree, Sydney has announced will be attending college in the fall at Chapman University where she will be studying business while continuing her social media endeavors. And of course, like any good influencer, she’s released a video about it! In the video, she describes an emerging ‘anti-college’ trend among influencers and why a college education could be more valuable than ever amidst these uncertain times. As she states, “Social media isn’t here forever, higher education is.” (Scroll down to watch!)

Hi! My name is Sydney, and I love making Youtube videos. I’m originally from Minnesota, but I moved to Los Angeles, California when I was 18 to pursue my career in social media. My channel consists of lifestyle vlogs, and sometimes a bit of comedy as well. My most recent endeavor is attending college in the fall at Chapman University in California! I’m so excited for this opportunity, and can’t wait to take my viewers along with me on this new journey.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Sydney!


She has achieved something most influencers strive towards.

Receiving my 1 million Youtube Subscribers plaque in the mail! I actually have that moment captured on video that I posted on Youtube. It was an incredible milestone and I still can’t wrap my mind around that huge number.

She is honest about challenges with how others perceive her.

This isn’t a specific instance, but I wish I didn’t care so much about what people thought of me. Honestly at the end of the day, who really cares? If you like it, post it. If you want to do something, do it (within reason haha). Basically don’t let other people’s opinions of you sway your decisions!

Even though she’s made her name on social media, she recognizes how unhealthy it can be.

Social media, while it can be a positive pressure as well, can put so much negative pressure on teenagers as it’s only a highlight reel. We see the best parts of people’s weeks, never the not-so-good moments. We feel like we need to be ‘better’ because of this, when really it’s all a false sense of reality! To combat this, I love to read, play piano, and spend time with the people I love. Sure, it’s okay to go on social media sometimes, but if you make it the only thing you do you’ll find yourself in a very unhappy cycle. Focus on other activities you enjoy as well and make sure to have balance πŸ™‚

There is ONE place she wants to visit above all else.

Since I was around 11 years old, my dream place to visit has always been Paris. I was so obsessed that at one point I had posters and calendars of Paris and the Eiffel Tower in my bedroom. I’ve never been but I hope to someday!

One amazing food she must eat at least once per week:

A smoothie or acai bowl!! Preferably from Backyard Bowls or Jamba Juice. πŸ™‚

Can we please get an unpublished selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans? : )

Not sure if this is too casual haha but this is my with my dog Rosie!! I spend a lot of my time with her, especially during quarantine haha.

sydney selfie


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