5 Fast Facts about music producer Archangel

Electronic music artist Declan Craig, also known as “Archangel,” has just dropped his latest track “Follow My Heart” with accompanying lyric video (scroll down to watch!) The 16-year-old Toronto native, now living in Clarington, has been producing since age 12. His influences come from listening to different genres of electronic music at a very young age such as dubstep, garage, house, trap, trance and more. He states that music is an obsession, but luckily that obsession translates into excellent, melodic dance music which we can all enjoy!

Archangel considers “Follow My Heart” to be the best song he’s made so far. We’ve listened, and it has a ton of potential thannks to its slick production values, excellent vocals and even a bit of guitar thrown in right before we ht the dubsteppy/trap climax.

Make sure you check out this rising talent’s music (he’s got tons of tracks on SoundCloud), and give him a follow on YouTube and socials (links at bottom of page). He’s also a talented digital visual artist (check out his work on his Instagram).

Let’s find out more about him in his 5 fast facts feature with TWK!

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“Follow My Heart” is a personal favorite.

It’s my favourite track so far because it’s my first song that features an acapella and is a combination of 3 different genres, house, dubstep and pop.

His favorite showbiz moment is:

Using my creativity to make whatever I want to make and expressing myself through music. I remember when I first started making music in 2019 and figuring out how the software works, now I just make cool sounds to go with my melodies.

His friends describe him as:

“Easy to work with” and “easy to get along with.” I am very open to feedback and ideas.

He is a man of faith.

I am very spiritual. I like to tell stories and share religious and spiritual teachings through my music. I was raised a catholic and started to explore spirituality and conscience back in 2021 when I was 14 years old. I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in the holy trinity but I do like learning about different faiths and beliefs as well as different ways of life.

He’s got a lot more releases to come!

I will be releasing another single called “Despair” sometime in fall. It’s a phonk track with dubstep influences. I am also going to drop an album in 2024 titled “Winter Wonderland”. I’m practicing performing my music live online and in person.



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