5 Fast Facts about pop artist & actress Ava Breeze

New Jersey native, indie pop artist Ava Breeze is about to drop “Who Are You?” on June 24th. This follows earlier releases “Young Love” and “Girls of Summer.” We gave her new song a listen and we feel its her best track to date–with a haunting piano and vocal melody and strong production with hints of Billie Eilish. Its a winner!

Ava is a multi-hyphenate artist who will appear as a series regular in the upcoming streaming series “Irreverend.” Also recognized as the “face of child hunger” in the national “Feeding America” campaign, Ava’s appeared in multiple national commercials and modeled for brands like Neiman Marcus and Chick NYC. She is also an advocate for children with special needs with campaign “Avas Advocacy Army” in honor of her sister (@lyra_smiles) who has a rare disease called DHX-30. 

Here’s 5 fast facts about Ava!

She’s got a lot of music coming out very soon!

I have two songs coming out back to back! June 24th my song “Who are You?” drops on all platforms, and two weeks following it drops “Cotton Candy Skies.” 

“Who are You?” is about the unanswerable question, “Who am I.” Do we change because of who we are around? Who are we at our core? Who do we associate with? Who can we trust? It’s a melodic, thought-provoking journey into these eternal questions. 

“Cotton Candy Skies” is the polar opposite of “Who are You?” This song is your summer chill vibe, emotion song….meant to come out on the anniversary of my first single “Girls of Summer” that dropped July of 2021. This song is the perfect summer song. 

Her mom plays a big part in her musical ability.

My mom is a trained Opera singer, and she grew up on stages and in theater. She has always listened to an array of music from classical to Rap. She is the person that can recite every word and loves lyrics. Listening to the lyrics of music definitely inspired me to write my own. I watch old movies and listen to old music!

My mom also helps me with my harmonies. She naturally hears tons of harmony options in her head, and we sing them together. She has really helped train my ear to hear and pick out harmonies on my own also. 

She loves to give back.

I started Ava’s Advocacy Army because I realized when I was really young how uneducated people really are with disabled people. Kids not understanding made sense, but even adults blew my mind with how little they knew. Ignorant comments and actions have been part of my life. When things hit a tipping point, I decided rather than get angry that I needed to “be the change I wanted to see” and do my part to educate the small piece of the world around me — which led to opportunities to do some good.

I raised donations with my friend Brooke Malanaphy and we donated Christmas to a special needs family that was barely making their day to day.

I have raised funds for the DHX-30 fund, and continue to do so with custom Pura Vita bracelets. 

Any opportunity I have to spread some awareness I take. It also keeps me closer to Lyra getting to include her in activities like NYFW. Lyra has been in 4 shows! Coming out on stage and being covered by the news at such a focal event truly makes a difference. 

There are a couple of surprising things about her.

Most people are surprised when they find out I have a special needs sister, but if you already know that….

I think it always shocks people that my favorite subject is Math and that I even double up on it to take more and go further with it! 

One food she REFUSES to eat is:

Peanut Butter! It is just ?

Selfie please!

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