5 Fast Facts about recording artist Hannah Gold

22-year-old recording artist, songwriter and producer Hannah Gold is excited to release her debut single Run Away. It’s an uplifting song that showcases Hannah’s pure-tone atop a modern R&B inspired production that will have you singing along and feeling the groove in no time. The inspirational message of the song encourages listeners to stay true to their authentic selves and not let others make them feel any less than who they are — a message most teens and young adults should pay heed to!

Hannah shares, “ I want my listeners not to be afraid of the unknown and to risk it all for what they truly want. I hope it inspires them to want to Run Away and consider the possibility of following their hearts, dreams, and pursuits.”

Run Away is available on all streaming platforms.

Watch –https://youtu.be/pe6MMvsjqCA


Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Hannah!

Hannah Gold2

Her debut single is about “going for it.”

My song Run Away means letting go, trusting your gut, listening to your own intuition, and chasing your dreams or the person you truly love. Run Away signifies being willing to drop everything and forget your current life to follow your dreams or to be with the person you want to be with but can’t for whatever reason.

I think people will want to keep listening to Run Away because of its catchy hook and the way it gets stuck in your head. I think people will enjoy listening to Run Away because it will inspire them and give them hope. Run Away will allow listeners to visualize that perfect life they dream of. The song also showcases the idea that love can be challenging and that sometimes the only way to overcome a broken relationship is by running away to a deserted island where nothing can come between you and your person. Run Away inspires listeners to fantasize and think about the “what if.”

She only recently discovered her true power as a singer-songwriter.

One of the most satisfying moments as an artist was the moment I realized the true capacity of my strengths as a singer-songwriter. In June, I took a solo trip to Sarasota, Florida to work with my friend EJ on my EP. We set a goal for the 10-day trip to complete 5 songs. I spent 12-hour days in the studio grinding and working. To my surprise, we had 7 new songs from scratch after only 5 days of working. I never knew that I had the ability to tune in and write music this quickly because in the past I wrote one song at a time and gradually grew the songs out over a few days . My team and I were very impressed by my ability to lock in and write 7 amazing songs in less than 5 days. I didn’t experience writer’s block and I just let the lyrics flow from my heart and soul.

Hannah Gold5

The music video for Run Away features a snazzy DeLorean (Back to the Future Car).

When developing the concept for the music video, I knew I wanted to have some kind of running scene followed by a car scene then a jet ski scene and finally a beach scene. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of car I wanted and initially I was considering a fancy red convertible. A good friend of mine asked me if there was any way they could help out with this project and I mentioned I was still searching for a cool car for the music video. It turns out that their business partner owned a Delorean and that they were willing to lend it to me for the shoot. I realized it would be the perfect car because the Delorean gives very futuristic and utopian vibes. It all worked out so perfectly!

Hannah Gold4

Her Instagram feed doesn’t reveal THIS about her:

People would be surprised to know that I practically live in a hoodie. Although most of my Instagram pictures are all glammed up, I actually prefer to be cozied up in a matching sweat suit! I’m really into streetwear and fashion!

Her palate is pretty developed.

I absolutely must eat spicy tuna crispy rice at least once a week – it’s my fave! I also have a special place in my heart for chocolate covered pretzels – yum!!

Can we please get a selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans? : )

Hannah Gold1

Me in my hoodie reading and drinking an iced vanilla latte 🙂




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