5 Fast Facts about singer & actor Will B

Will B is an actor, singer and songwriter who has toured around the United States multiple times, including opening for Jojo Siwa. In addition to appearing in John Legend’s music video “Preach,” he has a few movies coming to theaters and Netflix, and is also working on a new EP!

You can check out his latest song “Just Let It End” on all music platforms: https://song.link/i/1464230536

Here’s 5 fast facts about Will B!

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He likes to do it his way.

Well this isn’t much advice — it was more of a way of teaching — but a lot of coaches for singing and acting like to show you how to say the lines or how to sing the song. And you want to be YOU. Don’t let anyone show you how to say it or sing it cause you want it to come from you, your style. They can give you suggestions but don’t ever just let them give it to you the easy way. Make it your own!

The first time he ever performed he was ____________.

Excited. I love performing, and I remember my first performance I did. I was a bit nervous but I was mostly excited and ready to show the world my music.

He and his dad caused some mischief in a mall once.

One time my family and I were at a mall and my dad I were dancing and we ran into this HUGE clothing rack and knocked it down. My family left us so fast cause they were so embarrassed as my dad and I were putting it all back up. I think its so funny now.

If it’s terrifying, he likes it.

I love horror stuff. I watch like every scary movie that comes out and I go to every amusement park in Oct. to go to mazes and stuff. I love scary stuff so much!!

Speaking of scary stuff, check out his spooky video, perfect for Halloween!

Snapchat’s got a grip on him.

I once uninstalled Snapchat cause of an update I was mad at, but also cause I was using it too much, but then the next day I realized I missed it too much sooo … I re-downloaded it, haha.


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