5 Fast Facts about singer Azalea Carey

Azalea Priscilla Carey was born on May 13, 2005 in Boston Massachusetts but moved to Los Angeles with her family in 2014 to pursue her dreams of succeeding in the entertainment industry. Azalea released her first and second singles titled “Extra” and “Trust the Space” in 2015 and 2017. (Scroll down to see our coverage of her “Extra” release party!)

While she has been on a short break to pursue other interests, she still has a love for singing and piano and is planning to begin working on new music again soon. Azalea has a definite passion for film has been focusing a lot of her time recently on videography and video editing YouTube channels. She films and edits both her own channel and her sister Indi Star’s channel. She also enjoys vlogging and Tiktok.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Azalea!

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She took a break but is ready to come back.

Although I am on kind of a singing break at the moment, I have put out 2 original songs. I really love to sing and I just took a break to see who I was and how I wanted to portray that in my music. My most memorable moment was definitely performing live on stage with an audience singing to my songs.

She was quite surprised when she tried on a pair of THESE:

I really wish that I realized that I needed glasses sooner than I did. I remember when I finally got them, I was shocked by how clear everything was! I am as blind as a bat!

She’s got a warning about online life.

Right now one of the biggest negative pressures for teens is online hate and cyber bullying. It seems cliche to say but bullying really is a big problem and bullying is easier than ever because it can be done right from your own home on your phone or computer! I realize that people are just hiding behind their phones and screens and are probably hurting and scared themselves and then they just take that out on other people. It’s really actually quite sad.

She learns differently than most.

People may be surprised to know that I am dyslexic and that just means that I learn differently than other people.

There is one food she REFUSES to eat.

I refuse to eat seafood because when i see that i dont eat it!! Lol!

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IG @azaleacarey

Tiktok: azaleacarey

YouTube: azaleacarey

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