5 Fast Facts about singer Brandon Andre

Brandon Andre is an 27-year-old American Pop/R&B artist from Los Angeles, California. He’s performed internationally on a couple of the largest television programs in Latin America, collaborated alongside social media stars such as Cameron Dallas, accumulated over 18 million views on his YouTube channel, and released a his debut  EP, “1992” all while builidng a large social media following.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Brandon!

brandon andre2

Central America got a special performance.

I performed live on national television in Guatemala earlier this year! That was fun!

If he could fix one of his mess-ups it would be:

There’s none that I would want to fix because they all made me better.

He knows many teens feel a lot of pressure from:

COMPARISON. Again, I can write an essay on this. All I can say is follow me and I will teach you how to deal with it.

Ariana, watch out!

I can hit a whistle note.

His favorite food is a fruit.


We asked for a selfie, here it is!

brandon andre





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