5 Fast facts about singer Emma Pierson

Austin-based singer/songwriter Emma Pierson recently released Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” a new single/video about staying emotionally close through physical distance.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Emma has been singing and writing song lyrics since the age of four. She later joined a Beatles cover band, and went on to perform—alone and with her band—at various open mic nights and music festivals at Baltimore’s Union Collective. At age 11, inspired by an upcoming move to Austin, Texas, Emma wrote and recorded her debut single, “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” with the help of talented musicians and producers at Stages Music Arts. It is this single which she just released with an accompanying video, which you can see at teh bottom of this feature!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Emma!

emma pierson

Recording her new video was fun!

When I made the video for my song, I got to sing on the main stage in Baltimore’s inner harbor. It was really fun.

She’s not tired of any of the Beatles songs she sang as part of a cover band.

I actually loved singing all of the Beatles songs, but my favorite was “Paperback Writer.”

She wishes THIS aspect of teen life wasn’t such a pressure.

Beauty standards. Comparing yourself to other people on social media is really toxic. The way I deal with it is to hang out with friends who are really positive.

“What’s your sign?” might be a good ice-breaker when you first meet her.

I love learning about astrology.

She’s a fan of learning new things.

I would love to learn to play the ukulele. Also, I really want to learn to speak French.

Selfie time!

emma selfie

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