5 Fast Facts about singer Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan is a young POP/R&B singer from Atlanta , GA. Kelly had a breakthrough performance on Showtime At The Apollo on FOX in 2018 whch reached 1.3 million viewers. She has also performed at New York Fashion Week and appeared on Fox’s Emmy Award-winning T.V show called Teen Kids News (2019 & 2021). She also opened for Ashanti & Ja Rule twice and was recently followed by Ariana Grande on Twitter.

Kelly says her motto is “big dreams & a big heart to follow.” As far as her songwriting, “I want my music to touch someone — for them to be able to say hey I can relate to that story let me spread it around to everyone who can relate as well.” Music was an escape and a means to cope with bullying at an early age, according to her.

Her new song is “I Wanna Fall In Love Remix.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYfnvSEOdNc

Here’s 5 fast facts about Kelly!


Opening for Ja Rule and Ashanti was memorable for a surprising reason.

The most memorable showbiz moment was I would say opening up for Ashanti & Ja Rule. It was my first big concert. What touched me the most was there was a lady who was deaf/impaired hearing and a translator in the front row… she was translating my song to the lady and the lady was smiling.

She knows that practice makes perfect.

One mess-up I would have loved to do over again or to fix was my performance at Apollo… I wish I could have been more prepared in that moment. You can never be too too prepared in anything.

She loves her microphone–a LOT.

My favorite object in my bedroom is my microphone 🙂 I’m sooooooooooo in love with it. It reminds me that my dreams are very real and that it can be possible for me to see myself where I always saw myself being.

There is one person who is not always a fan.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is I love to hum at night recently and when I wake up in the morning. It annoys my sister lol.

Her “get-pumped” song is:

My get pumped song or my motivational song is Schoolin Life by Beyonce.






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