5 Fast Facts about singer -songwriter Jazzy Fauchere

Pop recording artist and songwriter Jazzy Fauchere is sharing her debut single “White It Out” and encouraging listeners to let go of the past and move on. After gaining experience and touring with the Mini Pop Kids, Jazzy Fauchere connected with industry veteran Andrew Balogh to help bring her vision to life.

According to the press release: “White It Out” is a modern Pop record that fuses together elements of Pop and R&B. A vibrant production helps bring Jazzy’s angelic tone to the forefront of the song, while she effortlessly glides up and down the scale with her signature adlibs.

White It Out is available on all streaming platforms. Let’s find out more about the song and Jazzy with 5 fast facts!

She has a tough time answering “What’s the best memory from your Mini Pop Kids days?”

That’s such a hard question because I had so many amazing memories when I was a part of the group. I’d have to say the most memorable moments would be going on tour and doing live TV interviews.

Her first single has a good message.

I am super excited to announce my first single “White it Out” came out on September 17th on all streaming platforms and then the music video came out on the 18th of September. When people hear my song, they want to listen to it because they could relate to the song in their own way. I wrote this song to encourage people that if you have been in a tough situation in the past, White It Out because if you keep thinking about it, you are never going to move on to a better place. I also want them to take away that if they are in a tough situation, they are not alone, and these tough situations only make them stronger.

She fortunately survived this major boo-boo:

One mess-up I would love to do over again to fix it would be back in October 2020. I was playing with my dog and I forgot to clean up water beside a door that had glass panels in it. So when I was running with my dog, I slipped on the water right beside the door and my knee went right through the glass! I had to go straight to the hospital and left with three cuts and ten stitches altogether. If I had a chance to go back and fix that mess-up I would probably not run around with my dog in the house and I would clean up the water that made me slip.

She’s got a sporty side!

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I love to wake surf behind my boat at my cottage in Muskoka, Canada

If she needs a boost, she listens to THIS:

My “get pumped” song is definitely Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus

Selfie time!

Stream – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jazzyfauchere/white-it-out




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