5 Fast Facts about Singer-Songwriter LiLi Joy

16-year-old singer-songwriter LiLi Joy, a member of Team Blake on NBC’s The Voice this past season is releasing EP of original music titled Colours You Can’t See on Wednesday, August 14th featuring her previously released songs “Float” and “Sink” along with new track “Glow.”

“Sink,” LiLi Joy’s debut single that dropped in June, is an alluring song about feeling trapped in your own head, that pairs a stark and stripped vocal performance with a thudding bass line and loose distorted guitar riff. A love song, “Float” is about admiration and love for someone in the purest form, ebbing and flowing in warm waves from a jazzy swing into a hypnotic hook upheld by her shimmering, soulful delivery. Lastly, piano, violin and bass shine through on “Glow,” a song about vulnerability and being scared of showing the ones you love how you truly feel.

Here’s 5 fast facts about LiLi!

lily joy

Being on The Voice made her work harder than she ever had.

I think the biggest benefit I received from being on The Voice was the HUGE impact practicing every single day can have on your skill levels! I saw so much improvement while I was there; it was a like music bootcamp.

If she had a magic fairy wand that could pass just ONE spell, it would be __________.

Hmmm, I think I would give people the gift of happiness, even if it was only for a day. I hate seeing the people I love in a bad mental state. If they’re having a bad day, then I can’t seem to have a good one.

3. One food she refuses to eat is___________.

PICKLES!!! So gross. 

Fall is her fav season.

I love fall! Hopes are high, the school year is new, the candles smell great, and Halloween is around the corner.

She is excited about her EP.

My debut EP, Colours You Can’t See is set to release on August 14! This project is about painting with the emotions we deal with every day, but the world can’t see. Even pain can be used for something beautiful.

lili joy
Right now I’m just writing music and doing some work on my computer! <3






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