5 Fast Facts about singer-songwriter Mandi Crimmins

Alternative-pop singer/songwriter Mandi Crimmins has a new single and music video that just came out called Anyone But Me. As an artist, she uses her own vulnerabilities and insecurities to fuel the engine that drives straight into the hearts of
her fans with deeeply personal lyrics.

She shares, “For me personally, ‘Anyone But Me’ depicts the battle of self-acceptance
that I’ve fought within myself for a very long time.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Mandi!

Mandi Crimmins

Her song has been doing well on Tik Tok and was even used in a video by LIANA RAMIREZ of Power Rangers fame!

I’ve been so happy to see such a wonderful response to the new song! I loved the positive message in Liana’s video so much, so it definitely was exciting to see her use my song for that. I noticed a lot more people use my song after her post so I’m very grateful.  

Her favorite clothing item is:

Oh that definitely would be my beanie. I’m obsessed with beanies, especially the ones I have from the brand Love Your Melon. I have lovingly worn them out. 

She has a best quality which can also be a worst quality.

My best friend might say how I will drop anything for anyone that needs me and put them first, but she also says that’s my worst quality.  

People would be surprised to discover one thing about her.

Probably that I have a Star Wars tattoo, and that I met Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) before she passed. So basically that I’m sort of a nerd. 

Beef isn’t on the menu.

Red meat! I’ve given up eating most meat, except for chicken occasionally, and I’ve never felt better. 

Selfie time!

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