5 Fast Facts about singer-songwriter Penelope Robin

Penelope Robin is an 11-year-old singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida. She began acting as well as developing her musical calling at the age of 5. Her YouTube channel has reached over 10 Million views and her social media continues to grow.

This young talent has already shared the stage with music icons such as Phil Collins, Karol G, Yandel, Fat Joe, amongst others. Currently, she is working on new music she will be releasing this year for her fans to enjoy. She is also actively involved with various Foundations such as Crystal Academy, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, and Celebration of the Sea; engaging, educating, and inspiring others about autism awareness, animal cruelty, and protecting our environment. She’ll also be heading to NY for a string of dates this Summer!

Here’s Five Fast Facts about Penelope Robin.

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She loves chick peas, or as she likes to call them, “garbanzos”

I looove garbanzos so much! I get cans of chick peas and serve them all in a bowl by themselves with salt and pepper and just have that for lunch or dinner sometimes! lol

She’s got a big heart and loves to inspire.

I feel very humbled every time someone reaches out and tells me that I inspire them to play an instrument or to follow their dreams, so I hope that through my music I can also inspire people in other ways. It’s so easy to be kind to others, specially those that may need a little more love, or to be better to our planet and animals. All we need to do is try! I have a song I wrote for Earth Day called “World full of Love” about how “all we need is hope and a world full of love!”

She’s competed in the Junior Olympics.

I used to swim competitively with my brother (who swims amazing!) and I made it to the Junior Olympics once! I didn’t do very well but I was so proud because I had pushed myself really hard and challenged myself to make the cut, so reaching that goal felt really great!

The first concert she ever went to was her own.

Haha….yes. I had never been to a concert in my life! I had just turned ten and I got invited to sing for a huge family concert with thousands of people in Buga, Colombia opening up for Karol G! I was so nervous and excited all at once! I remember they sang the National Anthem and then announced me and there I was…on the same stage as Yandel, Cosculluela and Karol G singing my heart out and speaking in Spanish (which I dont’ do too well!) lol It was an amazing experience! I can’t wait to be back in Colombia because everyone was so special and kind to me!

One of her first gigs landed her in someone’s living room as an art piece — talking to a live owl!

Yes! When I was about 5 I was asked to be in different videos, including an art video which had me doing a monologue having a conversation with an owl. Yes, a live owl! This was an art video to be presented during Art Basel and it turns out it sold! Soooo…. I am in someone’s living room in a video talking to an owl! If anyone ever meets the owner of this video you HAVE to message me and let me know you saw it! hahaha

BONUS: Penelope is terrified of cruises! 

“Have you SEEN Titanic??!!”

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Instagram: @ThePennyRobin

Penelope Robin’s YouTube Channel

Itunes: https://apple.co/2Q3wh7s

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2rWpv9L

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