5 Fast Facts about singer-songwriter Scotty Berg

5 Fast Facts about singer-songwriter Scotty Berg

Scotty Berg is a 14-year old singer-songwriter from Kelowna, Canada. He has performed in front of thousands at various venues throughout the city and region.

The talented teenager has won numerous singing contests and was recently nominated for the City of Kelowna Civic Award for Teen Honour in the Arts, recognizing his charitable donations to organizations by raising money through his performances.

Scotty is releasing his original song “It Ain’t Over” April 21st on all streaming platforms. The song is about hope and helping one another during difficult times.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Scotty!

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His upcoming song is sure to be a BOP!

Well, I wrote the song “It Ain’t Over” to say to people that its ok to be down and stuff right now, but people are there for you to help out. I am pretty pumped to be a part of the process of creating a song and seeing it come together. Lots of work, way more behind the scenes pieces that no body knows about. I am amazed at how it turned out. Singing a song that I created really lets me put myself into it. I can imagine myself in the music video and people singing along to it – that’s what makes it more special than singing a cover.

Somehow, some way he recovered from this cringey moment:

Oh gawd, I was invited to sing the national anthem at a professional men’s soccer game. I have sung the anthem hundreds and hundreds of times at so many different events – but for some reason I blanked on the words. I tried to recover and yet – nope. I ran off the field – devastated. Definitely would love to have a redo on that one. The worst part is my whole soccer team was there cheering me on. 

There is one object in his bedroom he loves the most.

My guitar! I took up playing the guitar this past year and I love it! I find myself always grabbing for it, playing around on it and jamming out. 

He can’t stand to eat THIS:

I hate fruit lol. I know it is important to eat healthy, but I seriously cannot handle anything that involves fruit. Kinda a weird one but I’m trying!

His “get pumped” song at the moment is______

Wow good question…this always changes. I think at the moment it is Dua Lipa – Levitating Featuring DaBaby. Sick song. 

Can we get a selfie?

scotty berk selfie

TikTok: @scotty_berg2

Instagram: @scotty_berg

Facebook: Scotty Berg

YouTube: Scott Berg

Website: www.scottyberg.ca

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