5 Fast Facts about singer Victoria Dennis

Victoria Dennis is a 17-year-old singer, songwriter, and drummer. She has been performing since the age of seven on stages like the Apollo, Madison Square Garden, Second Stage Theater (Broadway), The Red Bull Arena and toured with the Bomb Digz this past summer in Washington DC, Boston MA, and The Gramercy theater in NYC (2019).

Victoria is also an anti-bullying ambassador having been a victim of school-aged bullying. She wants to be a light for others to show victims that they’re not alone and they must be brave and believe in themselves no matter what. Victoria is currently working on new music which will be released spring of 2020.

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THIS was a very special moment for her.

Singing the National Anthem for 25K people at the RedBull Arena.

This next one, not so much.

I had a performance in Vegas and the sound guy stopped my music, but I kept singing and I finished the song acapella which allowed the crowd to sing along with me. I would’ve liked to have my music behind me though so if I could go back I’d change that.

She has a love/hate with social media.

I think social media plays a double edged sword in our society today. I think on one hand it’s a key component in getting yourself out there, especially for up and coming artists, but on the other hand social media can have a negative effect on teenagers and young adults across the world. Social media can portray people inaccurately… social media allows for the world to see the BEST you only and not the REAL you. What I mean by this is people will only post their success or happiest moments and never share the downfalls. While there are many people who are comfortable being completely vulnerable online, there are also people who are not so comfortable crossing that line.

I think many teens in this generation have a tendency to compare themselves to others on social media which creates this overwhelming pressure, that they might not even realize at first, to try to be someone they aren’t. I also think cyberbullying (hate comments, etc..) is another negative pressure that can really hurt teenagers nowadays. Personally, I look up to many celebs and influencers but I always stay true to myself and my artistry because thats what makes each of us unique. Why try to be like someone else? And over my years of being on social media I try my hardest to ignore the hate comments I receive because at the end of the day as long as i’m doing what I love, no one will stop me. And I bet one day these haters will become fans.

She’s overcome quite a big physical challenge.

I am a drummer!! I’ve been playing since the 6th grade and I absolutely love it. In 2018 i was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Juvenile arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the joints, in children. The most common symptoms of juvenile arthritis are joint swelling, pain, and stiffness that don’t go away. For a few months before going on medication I was stiff and inflammed in my wrists, elbows and knees which prohibited me from playing drums. Now though I am much healthier with no pain and I’m on medication for J.A.

Her all-time favorite food is likely in your top 10, if not number one!

My all time favorite food i cant go without is chicken nuggets… i’m ADDICTED!!

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Here’s my silly selfie. Right now i’m playing around w some IG filters… this is the freckle one LOL.

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