5 Fast Facts about teen comedian Braxton Herda

Braxton Herda is a comedian and actor, is best known for playing a young Seth Rogen in the new hit film “Long Shot” starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. He also has had a recurring role on the hit show as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” starring Larry David and Cheryl Hines and performs standup regularly.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Braxton!

braxton herda1

He’s got some lofty goals.

To be a legend. Have my own sitcom and travel the world performing standup to sold out venues.

He has never been star struck.

No, but I’m sure that can change given the right scenario.

He is proof you can survive even the cringiest moment.

Before I went through my growth spurt: at our 7th grade Christmas party we decided to play Just Dance. A group of three of my buddies and myself played and I selected the fourth person. The game wouldn’t start and kept showing a message “one person please” for the avatar that I was trying to sync up to. I was too chubby apparently to fit as the 4th person. The host of the party’s brother called me out to make it more embarrassing.

He is both shy and outgoing.

I am an ambivert. 

One food he refuses to eat is:


Selfie time!

braxton herda2


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