5 Fast Facts about teen interviewers Sydney and Ame

5 Fast Facts about teen interviewers Sydney and Ame

Sister siblings Sydney and Ame have burst on the scene with their daily “Sista Chat” on Instagram. Recent interviews include: Godfrey, Tiffany Haddish, Cocoa Brown, Angela E. Gibbs and Ada Luz Pla with more to be announced. There is also an expanded talk show in the works.

Sydney, at 15 years old, excels at both academics and extracurriculars including acting, singing, basketball and swimming. Besides co-hosting “Sista Chat”, her likes include modeling, Korean Pop (especially BTS), the TV show “Lucifer,” going to Broadway shows, and travelling; she and Ame have been to places like Mauritius, Lake Como, Dubai and Oman!

Ame, in 7th grade, is a sports and music freak. She loves to swim, run track and play basketball (a big fan of Steph Curry) and football (follows the Dallas Cowboys). She models, listens to pop music (especially Bruno Mars) and is a fantastic singer herself. Ame also really enjoys going to Broadway shows, co-hosting “Sista Chat” and accompanying her sister on amazing adventures to far off lands!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Sydney and Ame!


Each has some memorable showbiz moments.

Sydney: My most memorable showbiz moment was when we received an email from one of our awesome followers on Instagram, who thanked us for talking about our struggles in life. This person said that because of one of our posts, he felt like he had permission to feel his own feelings about someone who hurt him.

Ame: My most memorable showbiz moment was when we were interviewed on 90.1 WUSB FM Radio! It was such a fun experience. It was our first time going live on the radio! I have to add one more thing! I just love interviewing all of our guests, too! They are all so kind and informative.

Interviewing has led to some “oops” moments.

Sydney: Oh my gosh, we always research our guests A LOT before each interview. And when we researched the Grammy Nominated artist, Major, we read an Instagram post of him dancing that said “Rona made me do it.” We thought he meant that his fiancé was named Rona and she made him do that TikTok. Nooooooooo! He was joking and meant that the Corona virus made him do it! I was so embarrassed! But he laughed and it was totally fine!

Ame: Sydney and I were dancing for Affion Crockett during our interview with him and we kept bumping into each other. He laughed and it was fun, but we needed a little more social distancing :).

Each has something to say about teen pressures.

Sydney: The biggest pressure for teens, I think, is living in a world that is dominated by social media, and feeling the need to always be camera ready, perfect, happy, smiling, and just as good, if not better than everyone else. What teens need to do is take time away from social media and read a book or ride their bike or just spend time in personal thought. Everyone is special in their own way and everyone deserves to have a bad day sometimes. Measuring yourself against others isn’t healthy. I only want to be the best me! I always talk to my mother and my grandmother for advice. They always help me!

Ame: The biggest pressure for teens, I think, is trying to keep up with society’s standard of beauty. We are all beautiful and there’s not just one type of beauty. I deal with it by loving myself and being open with my mother about how I feel and always leaning on her for guidance and support.

They have surprising skills.

Sydney: I am learning to speak Korean! It’s such a cool language.

Ame: I play football. I may be petite, but I am really good! It’s so much fun! I started playing when I was in 5th grade.

Carbs? They say “Yes, please!”

Sydney: I love pasta!!! Pasta. Pasta. Pasta!

Ame: I love french fries so much! I could eat them all the time, every day!!





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