5 Fast Facts about TikTok star Connor Lipe

5 Fast Facts about TikTok star Connor Lipe

Connor Lipe was born June 19th, 2004 in Chicago, IL. He is a social media influencer with a current following of over 960,000 fans on the popular platform TikTok. Connor began posting on TikTok back in 2016 and had 1.9 million fans on his previous account until it got hacked. Since then he has built his following back up to over 950,000 fans.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Connor!

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Haters don’t faze him.

I feel like my personal superpower is being able to do what I love to do without anybody else caring. In the beginning of posting on social media, I would always receive hate on how people didn’t like what I posted. And in the end, I ended up realizing that it was ok if people didn’t like who you are. Because even though somebody may not like you, there’s plenty of more people out there who do like who you are. 

He really just wants everyone to get along.

If I had the power to pass one law for everybody to follow, I would pass a law that required everybody to treat others how they’d want to be treated. The reason I chose this is because one day you may never know how somebody’s day may be going, which means one mean comment could possibly ruin somebody’s day. Which is why I would pass a law for treating others equally.

An escalator he was messing with wasn’t having any of it.

The most embarrassing that has happened to me is the time I tripped on the escalator inside of a mall. One day, two other friends and I had decided to go to the mall to do some shopping. As we approached the escalator, I had remembered that I had seen a video of somebody stopping an escalator with their foot. My friends and I had stopped to rewatch the video to see how to do it. We voted that I was the one chosen to make the escalator stop. When I put my foot down to stop it, the escalator wouldn’t stop how I thought it would and I tripped and fell in front of everybody who was on the escalator. After that, my friends and I decided not to try again and ran away as soon as we could.

Suprisingly, he is more outgoing in real life than online.

Something that people would be surprised to know about me is that, I can be different in person rather than who people see me as online. A lot of people see me as somebody who may be a little more quiet online however, when they meet me in person I can be a lot more outgoing or willing to do more things.

There is one particular item from his childhood he loves the most.

As a kid, I always had this one tiger stuffed animal that I was never willing to give away or share with anybody. I remember always wanting to bring it out in public or just around the house but I always had to have it with me.

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