5 Fast Facts about TikTok Star Tommy Winkler

Tommy Winkler is a 20 year old content creator who started posting content on TikTok in November of 2019. After posting various comedy content for 9 months, Tommy switched it up and posted a “what I eat in a day” video. The video and other food related content began to take off for Tommy and now he is known as the King of Crunch. He frequently shares comedic and fun food videos that continuously go viral. Currently Tommy has amassed nearly 7M followers on TikTok and 1 million on YouTube. 

He is currently focusing on a road trip to all 50 states finding, eating, and rating their most iconic food. He has shared all of his finds on TikTok and his plan is to take this international once he is finished with the United States. 

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Tommy!

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He won’t be trying THIS “food” again!

There was one video where a lot of my fans had been requesting for me to eat edible chalk. So I went on an adventure and was able to find the edible chalk. I tried to eat one stick of the chalk but after I took the first bite I tried to swallow and stated to choke and I ended up throwing it up because it was so dry and wouldn’t go down. It ended up being the worst food item I ever tried to eat.

But feel free to give him any of these:

I’m not the biggest fan of this question just because I have eaten so many delicious foods but I can give you a few of my favorites. First, of course, the one and only, rice cakes. But, I’m a huge fan of chicken such as chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken fajitas, honestly anything chicken, I just love my chicken. On the sweet side of things I love my ice cream. I’d have to go with an ice cream cookie sandwich for my sweet tooth. 

Wanna make it on TikTok? He’s got some tips.

The key to my success I believe is my consistency in posting content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, what helps is that I utilize the comments from my followers so I am making content that they want to see. Another big thing is to just truly enjoy making your content, so every day that I try new foods or eat what my followers suggest I have fun with it and love it.

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He’d prefer you keep your mouth shut when….

I have one big pet peeve that really bothers me, haha, it is when someone eats with their mouth open because I like seeing the food whole and not mashed up in someone’s mouth.

The mans is sporty, not just eaty.

I think something that people don’t know too much about me is that I grew up playing soccer and downhill ski racing! Then, I ended up playing golf at a division 2 school in Wisconsin for 2 years before I decided to drop out of school.


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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tommywinkler/

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@tommywinkler

YouTube – https://youtube.com/c/TommyWinkler69

Twitter – https://twitter.com/tommy_winkler_

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