5 Fast Facts about Youtuber and influencer Xavier Gowie

Xavier Gowie is a 14 year old music/beauty personality based in Melbourne, Australia. He started singing at the age of 4 and never turned back. In late 2017 Xavier branched out into the world of beauty where he has explored his love and passion for makeup. As Xavier has gotten older he wants to start using he’s voice to fight against bullying and with that in mind has released Season 1 of his new series “That Kid” on his youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” which he hopes will spread the word to a wider audience and hopefully take impact on teens older and younger.

Her’s 5 fast facts about Xavier!

He’s an anti-bullying advocate….

My goals are definitely to grow a wider audience and just get my message out. Yeah I obviously would love for people to love my singing and beauty but my #1 priority is to get my anti bullying message out there and hopefully with that take a big impact on this generation. I have started my own merchandise line on xaviergowiemerch.com for my new series “That Kid” available to watch on my youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” which 10% of all the proceeds go to the charity “Bully Zero”, so that’s just a small contribution I’m making and my goal is to sell 1000 items from the three piece collection.

…who is still dealing with bullying every day.

I’m 1000% still getting picked on, at this point it’s not just my year level anymore. Younger kids now come up to me and say my catch phrases like “Hey guys it’s Xavier” just to poke fun at what I do. My last day of school this year was December 2nd so episode 1 of my brand new series “That Kid” from my Youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” had come out one day prior. It was such a mixed day for me. There were people coming up to me genuinely saying they enjoyed it and will continue to watch, others didn’t like it which I knew was bound to happen. But then there were the people who kept trying to airplay it onto the big screen, fake crying trying to impersonate and insult me, and I will never forget one of my classmates saying “Who gave the video a thumbs down”, and over half of my class put there hand up. It hit me like a basketball to the face because the people who disliked it weren’t the general public, it was people who knew me. So in saying that yes I definitely do still get picked on but I definitely have people who love and support me so much such as my best friend Andy B who you see in multiple episodes of the series. 

He almost cried in front of a lot of people.

My most embarrassing moment in real life that I can think of was probably when I was onstage at one of my monthly open mics and I was singing “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish and I forgot the words to one part, so I LITERALLY said in front of the whole crowd “I think the music skipped”. So I ended up restarting and I posted the performance on my Youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” and if you screenshot my face at the start and zoom in you can see I look like I’m about to cry because I was so upset and embarrassed. So that was probably the most embarrassing moment I’ve had in real life.

His big sis was a HUGE inspiration.

One thing that people would be surprised to know about me is that when I was younger I wanted to be EXACTLY like my older sister Alyssa. The reason I wanted to start singing was because of her, she used to be the singer in the family so I wanted to be the same. Whenever she would start watching a TV series or a Youtube I would automatically start watching it and liking it because she did. You would never know now because we are so different! She doesn’t really sing anymore, she doesn’t really like makeup, she loves sports where as they are not as appealing to me and the list goes on. I mean we are pretty fortunate to have things in common but if we do now, its because I actually like it.

Hi-chews are his thang.

Ummm one unusual thing I carry around with me is Hi-Chews. So this is a pretty recent one but I just started buying Hi-Chews and they are honestly something I can’t live without. For anyone that doesn’t know what a Hi-Chew is it’s basically flavoured chewy candy. It’s so delicious and I like to keep a few packets in my bag just in case I need a burst of flavour! I have to thank my best friend Andy for my addiction.

Social Links:

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xaviersbeautynet/?hl=en

That Kid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ThatKidSeries/?hl=en

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCk9xF_xv9Gz2qitmhqvDVA

My Merchandise Site: https://www.xaviergowiemerch.com/

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