5 Fast Facts with actor Avery Davis

Avery Davis begun his acting career at age 7, his first job being a Shakespeare Camp infomercial. Along with being an actor he is also a runway model, print model, GenZ Ambassador and social media influencer, and just booked his biggest project ever (can’t share details yet, follow his Instagram for announcement!)

Here’s 5 fast facts about Avery!

avery davis
Photo: Nubian Princess

He worked on a Marvel movie — but he has no idea which.

My most special showbiz moment was working on an untitled Marvel movie, we still dont know what it was.

His plan B sounds fun.

If I wasn’t a performer I would be a video game streamer. 

He messed up an audition by ___________.

Most embarrassing IRL moment was signing in on the wrong audition.

He’s got a talent few know about.

Something that people would be surprised to know is that I play bass guitar.

He’s not a fan of legumes.

One food I will refuse to eat is beans.

Can we get a selfie?

avery davis selfie

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