5 Fast Facts with actress Ava Connolly

Ava Connolly is a 9 year old actress who is known for Netflix’s movie Zero, TV series Rings, Secrets Society, Life Itself, Playtime, Emmy and the upcoming feature film Voices. Not only that, bt she has already written and directed her first short, about how cell phones are hurting families! It was chosen by the Kids First Film Festival as an official selection and was also selected as finalist in the Peak City International Film Festival. Ava won Best Child Actresses at the Top Shorts Film Festival for her film (scroll down to the bottim to see it).

Here’s 5 fast facts about Ava Connolly!


She was very excited to receive her “real actor” card!

The most exciting day for me so far in the entertinment industry was the day I got on the computer and checked my SAG status and I was finally SAG eligible. I had been checking it every day for two months. I couldn’t believe it so I started yelling mom mom and she came running because she thought something was wrong. We went out to dinner to celebrate !!

She was starstruck by a famous Bollywood actress — who gave her lots of chocolates!

I was on set of the Bollywood movie Zero and I was starstruck by Ms. Anushka Sharma. She was so sweet to me and she’s beautiful and she brought me this really good chocolate candy every day!!!

Her most cringe-worthy moment is totally relatable — and has a VERY happy ending.

My most embarrassing moment in real life was when I told my mom I had a boyfriend in 3rd grade. But I never told him. He had no idea I liked him. So my mom came to school for our Christmas party and she met him and said “oh your Ava’s boyfriend” and he was embarrassed and said I don’t know what you are talking about. My face was hot it was so red from being embarrassed but the good part was after Christmas break he was my real boyfriend — well as real as third grade boyfriends can be!

She’s hecka smart.

People would be surprised to know I love looking up rare words and I’m kinda obsessed with vocabulary words people aren’t familiar with. Like pulchritudinous!!!! I found it last week. It’s pretty cool to learn rare words. Oh and I love entomology.

She has turned down good money just to not eat this one thing.

I refuse to eat green beans. My sister offered me $20 to try one but those things look so gross no way will I ever try one.

Here’s what she eats instead.

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9617852

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ava_connolly_1/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/_Du8J3FeHQc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avaconnolly2009

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