5 Fast Facts with singer Isabella Nicole

5 Fast Facts with singer Isabella Nicole

Isabella Nicole is a Netherlands-born and Canada-raised who released her debut single, “Headphones” earlier this year, which has already been featured across MTV, Radio Disney & Sirius XM/Venus Radio. More on Isabella Nicole below. Let us know your interest, thank you!

She was born in the Leiden, Netherlands and moved to Ottawa, Canada in 2010. Her voice is very soulful and surprisingly well-developed for a 16-year-old (you can judge for yourself by watching her video all the way at the bottom of this post.)

Here’s 5 fast facts about Isabella Nicole!

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Juggling school and singing has been hard for her.

I am in grade 11, so pushing through these last two years has been difficult while constantly travelling for singing. But, with the support of my parents, I have been able to do it.

Her Netflix game is on point.

I have so many shows that I love! The new season of Brooklyn Nine Nine just came out on Netflix and I am BINGING. I also love New Girl, The Mindy Project, as well as the iconic and staple show Friends.

The one thing which puts her in her happy place is _________.

Jamming out with my friends. 

She stans her singing coach.

Sarah McClurg has been my singing coach, friend and mentor for over 7 years now. She’s so awesome and has truly shaped me into the person I am today.

If she could make herself into a brand-new, never-before-heard-of superhero, her power would be ___________.

Invisible flyer, and my name would be ‘Super Sloth.’

Selfie time!

isabella nicole

Connect with Isabella Nicole:

Music: YouTube | Spotify | iTunes/Apple Music

Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Official Website: www.isabellanicole.co

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