5 Fast Facts with singer Jaafar Jackson

Jaafar Jackson is the nephew of pop-music legend Michael Jackson and the son of Jermaine Jackson. Funnily enough, although music has always been in Jaafar’s genes, he originally preferred to play one particular sport rather than follow in his family’s footsteps (read below to find out what it is).

All that changed when his father took him into the studio at age 13, at which point he caught the music bug in a big way.

With a new album called Famous coming out soon, Jaafar recently gave the world a taste of his talents with his debut “Got Me Singing,” which already has over 3 million views (you can watch it and the bottom of this post). Set in a real Brazilian Favela, the Jackson swag is immediately apparent –this kid has got it in his blood and it shows!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Jaafar Jackson.

He’s got fond memories of his uncle Michael.

There’s a few memories I cherish , one of them is when I was at Neverland and we played hide and go seek. I’ll never forget those memories.

He’s a family man.

The best thing I’d say is having the amount of family members I have. I have so many cousins and siblings that growing up I never was bored or had to try and make friends.

His dad has given him some great advice — and he actually listens!

My dad has always said to be the best you can be in whatever you put your mind to, to practice and strive for greatness and to always stay true to who you are. His advice means a lot to me.

When younger, he was tryna be Tiger Woods instead of a “Jackson!”

Growing up I was only into playing golf, I had no interest in wanting to become an artist or even thought I could ever be one.

If he was stuck on a deserted island for 5 years, he would most want to bring _____________?

I would have to bring either a notepad or a speaker so I can play music.

Selfie time!



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