5 Misconceptions About Candy That Fool Everyone

We all love candy, but it still comes with that guilty pleasure feeling. You shouldn’t feel shame about enjoying a treat in which everyone indulges. Knowing these five misconceptions about candy that fool everyone will change the way you see and eat some of your favorite sweets. Check them out!

5 Misconceptions About Candy That Fool Everyone

1. Gum Stays in Your Stomach for Seven Years

If someone told you never to swallow gum because it would stay in your stomach for seven years or more, they told you a candy myth. Gum digests at the same rate as any other food. Next time you’re looking for a place to put your gum, feel free to swallow it.

2. Candy Causes Hyperactivity

Many parents think sugar causes their kids to misbehave. You may notice that people often serve candy and sweets at parties and other fun occasions when other stimulants are present. Most studies find that it isn’t the candy or sugar causing the hyperactivity but environmental factors instead.

3. Candy Causes Cavities

It’s a common misconception that candy will rot your teeth. What really causes cavities is bacteria in your mouth. Some switch to sugar-free candy in hopes of improving their dental health. Still, it’s important to know the facts about sugar-free candy before eating a great deal of it.

4. Chocolate Gives You Acne

If you’ve ever noticed a zit on your face after eating chocolate, it was a coincidence. Studies going back to the 1960s have proven that chocolate doesn’t cause acne.

5. White Chocolate Is Chocolate

White chocolate doesn’t contain any cocoa pods, so it technically isn’t chocolate. The only product of cocoa beans it has is cocoa butter. Still, it’s a delicious candy with a similar texture to real chocolate.

Share these misconceptions about candy that fool everyone with your friends and family. You’ll blow them away with your newfound knowledge about the myths that everyone passes around without realizing it. Dissolve these misconceptions and enjoy candy as you please.

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