5 Motivational Movies All Students Must Watch

Can movies motivate people? Well, the good ones surely can. Underdogs who achieve extraordinary success, unrelenting professors who inspire students, individuals who overcome disabilities – there are a variety of movies out there that can altogether transform your outlook on life.

Check out our selection of the best motivational movies for students and get inspired to rise and shine in your everyday life!

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It’s A Wonderful Life

Our favorite pick is It’s a Wonderful Life, a charming Christmas classic offering just the right blend of inspiration, nostalgia, and pure joy.

In Frank Capra’s classic film, George Bailey ponders what his community might have been like if he hadn’t sacrificed his personal goals to help the people. The main character’s will and determination continue to inspire viewers to live their lives with greater empathy and courage.

The narrative revolves around alcoholism and attempted suicide. Regardless, It’s a Wonderful Life is consistently voted the finest inspirational film of all time for its spirit of hope and redemption.

We Are the Best!

Just as motivational – and brilliant – is a film about a trio of 12-year-old girls forming a band at school. Lukas Moodyson’s We Are the Best! is genuinely uplifting since it is all about self-betterment and self-fulfillment, yet no one tells the student musicians what they need to do to excel at school and be more responsible. They’re all on their own.

The film hints that it’s critical to constantly work on yourself to stay on top of your game. For that purpose, as part of your study-nailing strategy, you could purchase research papers online to boost your academic writing skills. And don’t forget to leverage your experience from similar films to always stay accountable to your goal, whether it’s musical success, academic excellence, or helping people.

The film portrays the somewhat cruel adult world that despises the idea of students joining a “shady” pop group. Defying similar stereotypes, We Are the Best! features incredibly robust performances of three little girls that are the cutest depiction of rebels imaginable.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Another American film set in a small town, To Kill a Mockingbird is an adaption of one of the most adored novels of all time. The complex and symbolic drama of racial difference, morality, compassion, and growing up is beautifully carried over into the film adaptation.

With his floppy haircut and superb features, Gregory Peck plays everyone’s favorite fictional lawyer, Atticus Finch. Peck’s portrayal of the character strikes just the right balance of seriousness and personal warmth, inspiring us to faintly share his sense of justice and willpower.

Dead Poets Society

Some films can inspire and embolden you like no other: Dead Poets Society is undoubtedly one of them.

Peter Weir’s inspirational high school play reminds students of the four pillars that served as the backbone of a Welton education: tradition, honor, excellence, and discipline. Watching similar movies helps students seize the day and pursue their dreams with unrelenting passion. Whether for a rich white lad in 1950s America or a young working-class British Pakistani in 1980s Manchester, the battle between idealism and responsibility is a harsh one to wage.

You shall fall in love with Robin Williams’ riveting depiction of John Keating- the determined teacher who relies on the power of literature to instill hope in his students’ minds.

The Theory of Everything

We conclude our film selection with the enthralling The Theory of Everything, a tremendously encouraging film for students- particularly those pursuing science degrees.

The film tells the extraordinary story of Professor Stephen Hawking, an award-winning physicist who survived a motor neurone disease (MND) that was anticipated to kill him by mid-20s. Hawking went on to become a cherished author and a pioneer in researching black holes.

Brilliant actor Eddie Redmayne portrays Hawking with sincerity, eloquence, and unforced wit; he sheds light on the miracle of his survival and subtly indicates that this was partly due to his wife’s dedication.

Summing Up

There are countless films out there that can captivate our hearts and motivate us to live better lives. We hope our selection of motivational films has sparked your interest to watch them right away and get inspired to achieve your wildest dreams!


Andrew Mazur is a passionate movie blogger. His love for movies dates back to his boyhood, and he assures us that scarcely a day goes by without him viewing a film. With his informative blogs, Andrew hopes to provide students with selections of some of the best films that can inspire and educate. Thanks to its insightful, honest content, Andrew’s movie advice continues to be valued by readers worldwide.

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