5 Must-Try Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

Blotchy. Dry. Dull. Is it how you describe your skin?

With a skincare routine that’s all over the place, you must hit the reset button and start from the basics!

It may not be visible, but your skin is continuously changing. The uppermost layer plays a pivotal role – keeping bacteria at bay, much like the security patrol for your skin. And the weakness of this shield is the underlying cause of sensitive skin.

A damaged skin barrier will inevitably allow irritants in. It also tends to react more readily to external factors, like cold weather or dusty surroundings. So building up the surface layer could be the key to reduce sensitivity for a longer time.

Signs of Sensitive Skin

As per the International Society of Dermatology, 44.6% of Americans suffer from sensitive to susceptible skin. Note that sensitive skin doesn’t depend on gender.

If you feel like you may suffer from sensitive skin, check out the following list of symptoms to make sure:

·         Itchiness

·         Redness or irritation

·         Dry Patches

·         Broken Capillaries

·         Easy Breakouts

·         Burning Sensation

Everyone’s sensitive skin is different. Extra care and maintenance are necessary to protect your sensitive skin from the environment and prevent it from getting damaged.

Must-try Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

1.      Cleanse Your Skin

Begin your morning routine with a gentle cleanser that fits your skin type. Debbi Burnes, the natural beauty expert and founder of Sumbody Skincare, says, “The basic function of cleansing is to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.”

However, there are several rules to follow at this step to avoid any reactions later:

Use tepid water – Hot water can cause drying effects. Using lukewarm water is the smart option. Also, leave your skin slightly damp so that products can penetrate better for lasting hydration.

Choose a non-foaming cleanser – Foaming cleanser is not a good option if you have sensitive skin.  They usually contain sodium lauryl sulfate that is too harsh for sensitive skin. The L’oreal Micellar Cleansing Water is super nice and gentle.  

Less is more – You should keep things streamlined as much as possible. This results in your skin absorbing fewer toxins and being much at ease.

2.      Don’t Skip On Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer regularly should be a part of any good skincare regime. The most important time to moisturize is using it after a bath, exfoliation, or shaving. It’s because hot water strips all the moisture and oils out of your skin, leaving it dry and parched.

A must-have and highly-recommended product like iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum is a viable choice to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Moreover, follow these steps besides using a moisturizer:

Drink plenty of water – At least 8 cups every day.

Use mild soaps – Look for a moderate, fragrance-free cleanser that contains aloe minerals and vitamins.

Use a humidifier – If necessary, a humidifier adds much-needed moisture to the air.

Wear sunscreen when outdoors – Wear a low or high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

3.      Use a Calming Face Mask

There are a variety of hydrating face masks specially formulated for soothing sensitive skin. To give it the calming boost it needs, here are some face masks to opt for:

·         APTO Skin Care Healing Mask with Turmeric

·         FEEL Mindful Palo Santo Soothing Mask

·         RED EARTH Pink Coconut Clay Cleansing Mask

·         PURLISSE BEAUTY Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant

·         ORIGINS Hello, Calm: Relaxing & Hydrating Face Masks with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Each of these products in the list is high in nutrients like Vitamin A & C. Always use a face mask after you have used the cleanser to make sure your skin is primed and ready to soak the goodness. Use gentle, circular strokes to apply and remove the mask.

You will notice that your skin feels comfortable and relaxed as dust, gunk, and dirt are gently lifted away.

4.      Use Facial Cleansing Wipes

Regardless of their texture, cleansing clothes lightly buff the top layer of dead cells without irritating the skin. According to Statista, a study in the UK reveals that 27 percent of women use facial wipes every day and 16 percent use them multiple times every week.

It is not necessary to use them to remove make-up, however, as there are other products that can do the job. We always have coconut oil to do so or other makeup remover products. On the other hand, facial cleansing wipes can rid the skin of all nasties from bacteria and excess oils to pollution and impurities.

These properties make them the perfect exfoliating alternatives to scrubs and acids. Just soak them in cold water for a couple of minutes. Then, squeeze out the excess and place it over your face. Press it lightly on the skin to cool, relax, and soothe inflammation.

5.      Use Natural Ingredients from the Kitchen

If the thought of decoding ingredients on beauty products is overwhelming, you can always turn to your pantry. Using natural products will do less or no harm at all. Some beauty combos you can try for sensitive skin are:

·         Coconut or soy milk with some lukewarm water

·         Oatmeal paste with honey

·         Egg and lemon

·         Milk and yogurt

·         Brown sugar, honey, and olive oil

Blend each of these ingredients well and apply a smooth layer on your face and neck. Even if it causes no benefit, the chance of your skin reacting to natural products is close to none, so these are less scary to experiment with.

Don’t Suffer with Sensitive Skin!

Scan through the stores, and you will find plenty of products on the shelves formulated for sensitive skin. We recommend you find good fundamental products that work for your skin and test them out for a few weeks before adding more products to your regimen.

While you are working on it, cut down your stress level too. Sensitivity is positively impacted by stress. The adrenaline hormone puts us in a state of high alert, over stimulating the sensory nerve endings. This causes inflamed and sensitive skin.

We hope you’ll get a natural glow and sparkle without burning holes in your pockets!

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