5 Signs to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Dating is exciting and at the same time it is confusing since you don’t know whether your partner likes you. Here are 5 signs that a girl likes you.


For a lot of guys, one wish they have is to learn how to read the signs that a girl likes you.

Are you suffering the frustration of waiting for a sign that a girl likes you just because you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Learning how to spot these signs is a MUST. It will boost your confidence and help you avoid those embarrassing blunders that come with getting them wrong.  

5 Signs that a girl likes you

One key aspect of the human courtship ritual is mirrored across most of the animal kingdom: First contact is often initiated by the male.

This can be intimidating, and sometimes terrifyingly. Especially as it turns out that we’re hardwired to fear rejection.

Fortunately for us humans, the female of the species has a few ways of letting us know that its time to pluck up the courage to say hello.    

The Furtive Glance

When a person is interested in another person, they want to look at them.

That’s a fact, and unless they have superhuman levels of self-restraint they are going to have to give in to that urge once in a while.

If you catch a woman looking at you on more than one occasion, and it’s not because you have something on your face, then there’s a good chance she likes you. 

She will most likely glance away when you return eye contact. It’s fine, it just means she’s a little shy. But now is a good time to introduce yourself.

The Staring Contest 

When you’re talking to her see if she holds your gaze for a while, but be careful not to make it feel like a staring contest, this will usually come off as too intense. 

She is more likely to be comfortable looking at you when you’re not directly staring back into her eyes. 

If you’re already up close and personal then look to see if her pupils dilate when you’re talking. If they do then this is a good sign that she is really into you.  

I Welcome You With Open Arms

Just because you’re expected to do the talking doesn’t mean that she won’t let you know when its time. 

If her torso is turned towards you in an open manner, then that’s a good sign that she wants you to approach her. 

Whilst folded arms act as a barrier, open arms often serve as an invitation. Especially if accompanied with the shoulders pushed back to accentuate the neck and chest.

Feet Don’t Fail Me

Look at her feet. The lead foot will often point in the direction of where the mind wants to go.

If they’re pointing towards the nearest exit when you’re talking then its time to back off, but if they’re pointing straight at you then there’s a good chance she’s interested.  

Feeling Fidgety?

Does she play with her hair when talking to you? Does she draw attention to her neck area? Does she mirror your body language?

These are all signs that a girl likes you and that it’s your turn to make the next move. 

A Final Word

On its own, one of these signs that a girl likes you is not necessarily a green light.

However, if you’re beginning to notice multiple signs, there’s a good chance that she likes you. 

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