5 Ways To Choose A Perfume For A Teenage Girl

Choosing a gift for a teenage girl can be quite a challenge. After all, teenage girls can be notoriously moody, which is why it’s important to select carefully. There are many things that you could give to a teenage girl, whether she’s your daughter, niece, or a friend’s child. But, there’s one gift that will definitely make her happy: perfume. However, it’s also important to choose the right perfume, so for that reason, here are some ways that will help you make that happen. 

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1. Don’t forget about their age, ever 

Teenagers, especially girls, like to be considered adults, so buying them perfume will surely make them feel that way. But, when choosing a fragrance, it’s important to opt for the right fragrance family. In this case, fresh, floral scents will be a much better choice. Anything that smells citrusy, fresh, or like freshly cut flowers will definitely make a teenage girl happy. That’s why choosing an age-appropriate fragrance is the right thing to do.

2. Make sure you look online

If you live in a smaller place, then you’re already aware of the fact that many local drugstores have very limited offers, when it comes to perfumes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a perfect perfume to give to a teenager, then make sure you look online. There are so many online stores that sell a wide variety of fragrances, and many offer free shipping as well. Plus, you can also ask a teenage girl to choose the perfume herself, because that way, you can be absolutely sure that you’re paying for the right fragrance. 

3. Pick the right fragrance notes

If you’re asking yourself, what are fragrance notes, then this paragraph is for you. These notes determine the smell of the perfume in question. There are top, middle, and base notes, and they all act differently when applied to one’s skin. Floral notes, for example, are there to make the perfume smell natural and fresh. That’s why jasmine and ylang ylang are so commonly found in so many fragrances. Learning more about fragrance notes can surely help you pick the best perfume. 

4. Don’t be hesitant to opt for a celebrity fragrance

Celebrities have always rolled out their products, and teenagers have always been the perfect market for all of that. Therefore, it’s not surprising that two of the biggest teen stars Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish have their own fragrances. If the teenage girl loves her celebrities, don’t be hesitant to opt for a celebrity perfume in that case. A lot of such fragrances are made in collaboration with high-end fashion brands, which means they’re definitely properly made using the best ingredients. 

5. If perfume seems too much, you can always go with something lighter

Perfumes can be heavy and overpowering, and sometimes, teenagers are simply too young to wear them. But, there’s always a solution: opt for something lighter, and less heavy, such as eau de toilette. EDT is an alcohol or water-based perfume that contains about 5-15% of perfume oil. They’re also characterized by attractive scents, and such fragrances last about 5 hours from the moment they’re applied. All of that makes EDT a good choice of gift for a teenager. Also, if none of the fragrances seem appealing, you can always opt for a luxurious body mist that is more suitable for day-to-day use. 

Final thoughts

Picking a perfume for a teenage girl might take time, but if you shop online, you will have better chances of finding something truly unique. Teenagers are impressionable, so feel free to opt for a celebrity fragrance if nothing else works. Also, learning more about fragrance notes and the manufacturing process will help you become more educated, and therefore, make the best choice. 

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