7 Top Tips To Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

Everyone loves selfies, right? Whether it’s for likes and Instagram exposure or just sharing memories with friends and family, photos have become essential to our lives. 

But do you know how to take photos like an Instagram pro? Here are seven top tips to help you make the most of your Instagram photos.

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What’s That in the Back?

It’s really easy to forget about the background of your photo when you’re looking at yourself. Even so, it’s important to make sure the room you’re in is as stand-out as you are. 

This doesn’t mean you need to clean everything top to bottom; just make sure there are no socks, little brothers, pets doing weird things, or dishes in the frame. 

Quality Over Quantity

We’ve all got at least 30 of the same photo in our camera roll. Just because you take 30 identical photos doesn’t mean they should all be posted. Take a look at the lighting, your smile, your eyes, and any other details you notice and keep only the best ones. 

Once your photos are out there, you shouldn’t have to take them back. Ensure that every photo you post is high quality, and you’ll hopefully have likes, follows, and shares streaming in.

Lighting Is Everything

The right sunlight can do wonders for your selfie. Play around with angles and see if you can get a few sun rays in your photo. 

There are many different natural lighting conditions to try out. The soft, warm glow of the sun during the golden hour, when the sun is just above the horizon on a sunny day, is a favourite of professional photographers and filmmakers. 

A quick tip: you want the brightest light behind your camera, not behind you. 

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Hold it Steady

No one likes a blurry photo. Make sure your phone is comfy in your hand and that you can reach the camera button without straining too much, which can make your phone shake. 

An even better idea is to get yourself a selfie stick. Get that perfect selfie angle and get those well-earned likes.

1,2,3, Cheese!

I get it. Saying “cheese” before a photo is so “2005.” But the right smile is always trendy. So, try a few different smiles out. 

Pretend you’re an actor and see how many emotions you can convey with your face. Get creative. Find the ones that work for you and stick to them like glue.

Selfie Safety

It’s always important to remember that once they’re online, your photos can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world. Be careful about the type of content you post; you don’t want something as silly as an in-the-moment photo to come back and haunt you. 

Another warning is that not everyone is going to be nice about your content. The comment sections on social media can be toxic places. But nothing negative that’s said about you needs to affect your self-worth. 

Delete any negative comments, take another selfie, and do your best to move on. 

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When in Doubt, Edit

It used to be quite taboo to edit your photos. But these days, with all the fantastic things you can do to your photos, editing is practically second nature. 

From changing your background to adding artistic flair to your photos with effects and filters, Facetune is the app you need to stand out on social media. 

Retouch, change colors, and even learn how to remove stray hair from selfies. Great editing with Facetune can take your photos from “seen” to “trending” faster than you’d think.

Final Thoughts

The more you spend perfecting your photo-taking skills, the higher the quality of your photos will be. So whether you pose with your pet, alone, or with a group of your best friends, try out new things, have fun, and keep taking photos!

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