9 Fun Strategy Games Available on the App Store Now

One of the best ways to pass the time is by playing strategy games. If you’re looking fun strategy games, we list a few below.

Having a game that makes you think is not only fun but a great way to get an education – without having to be stuck in your classroom!

Here are some of the best fun strategy games to play:

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1. Rise of Kingdoms

Have you ever wanted to take over the world? Rise of Kingdoms is the closest thing you’ll get to global domination. It is easily one of the most fun online strategy war games available.

You can choose a kingdom to reign over and create your own civilization. We recommend looking at the rise of kingdoms city hall kingdom. You have to learn how to govern a population, fight wars, and continuously build a successful civilization – thinking about what to avoid to prevent a collapse of order!

2. Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

This is a fun game that you can play on your phone. You will command armies and fight against the barbarians who wish to invade Rome.

Not only do you create your army but you have to think about strategies to outsmart the barbarians. You will learn how to become an experienced commander and how to win at war. This is easily one of the most fun strategy games and is easy for beginners.

3. Grow Empire: Rome

This is another great war game. For this one, you have to first defend your town from outside invasion. You also have to try to conquer other towns to expand your empire. By conquering other towns, you will have more resources which you will need to defend and empower your empire.

This is a fun and simple game to play. It has simple visuals and if you want something to play on occasion without having to overthink, this is one of the best games for that.

4. Civilization

This is the classic strategy that we’re sure you’ve played at least once before. If not, you’re missing out! In this game, you begin with barren land. In fact, you’ll be several millennia before the birth of Christ.

You have to take your barren land and transform it into a modern and impressive civilization. If you like to spend a lot of time gaming, then this is the best strategy game. You can spend months focusing on building your civilization.

Best of all, you can try out the game for free. With the free version, you get 60 turns to create the best civilization you can!

5. Age of Ottoman

Have you learned about the Ottoman Empire? It was one of the greatest Asian empires that conquered much of Eastern Europe until the early twentieth century.

It has really great graphics and entertainment voice actors that add to the atmosphere. In this game, you will have to train soldiers to fight endless battles. You want to make sure to protect your territory at all times. This game will help you think about how to prepare your soldiers to win the battle.

6. Dawn of Titans

This is one of the best and most fun strategy games you’ll play. This is a smartphone game that has excellent graphics. Once you finish with Age of Ottoman, you want to upgrade to this great game.

In this game, you not only command a few soldiers – but you have to command entire legions to protect your territory. You also have to acquire land and build towns. You will have to expand your army to protect these towns and prevent invading armies from taking over.

In addition to your army, you will have a Titan who will protect your territory. These titans will have specialized skills and will have to occasionally duel with other powerful titans.

This is a great game that will guarantee hours of fun. You can play this game with other players so you may want to convince your friends to download the game and compete with each other.

7. BattlePlans

This is another fun strategy game that involves planning battles and training warriors. This takes place in a mythical world where you have to protect your islands from invaders. You also want to try to invade other islands and conquer its inhabitants.

You will learn how to create your own armies and how to spend the loot that you win by conquering the islands. The game starts off easy but gets more difficult as your armies become more powerful and as you conquer more islands. If you want to challenge yourself then this is the game for you.

8. Badland Brawl

If you want a mix of strategy and action, then you want to play Badland Brawl. In this game, you have to destroy your enemy’s tower. You are under pressure to do so before your own tower is destroyed.

You can use a variety of gadgets and ammunition to destroy this tower. You have to plan on how to use these tools to destroy the tower. You have to learn how to use them sparingly and how to meticulously plan an attack.

This is a simple game to play and if you need something quick to pass the time this is a great game to play. The graphics are simple and the game keeps you on your feet. If you played Super Smash Bros. when you were a kid, you’ll be reminded of the action with this one – except there’ll be a lot more strategy involved!

9. Auto Chess

This game takes chess to another level. You create your own characters with their specialized skills. You place them on a chessboard and have to defeat your opponent.

Your opponent will also create their own army of soldiers with powerful skills. You want to make sure your warriors are able to outsmart your opponent. When each team only has one player left, there is a battle that ensues – making this game a perfect combination of strategy and action.

Enjoy These Fun Strategy Games

Stardew Valley is also a great game. Especially learning how to fish in stardew valley, you will surely find it interesting.

Now that you know the best fun strategy games, we know you’ll have a fun way to pass the time. Pick a few of these so you won’t be bored when you’ve got free time!

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