A Few Cool Mobile Survival Games for 2020

One favorite memory for old-time gamers is playing Oregon Trail on their school computers. It had basic graphics, you had to watch out for disease and lots of other things and, more often than not, you died. Good times!

Looking back on those days, most would have never thought that, four decades later, we’d be able to take survival games, which is what Oregon Trail really was, with us anywhere thanks to mobile phones and tablets. Here are some of the top mobile survival games for you to check out.

survival games

What Are Survival Games?

Survival games are video games that usually start out with the character getting separated or stranded in a hostile and dangerous open world. These types of stranded games have a single objective – survive.

Some survival games are single player but many are multiplayer. In most you have to look for resourcess to help you live, such as food or builidng materials, or even weapons. There are many different types of survival games, but all of them put you in situations where you have to figure out ways for your character to stay alive in ways beyond just fighting bad guys.


If you are looking for a new exciting game to play, maybe it’s time to try a mobile survival game. They always keeps you guessing and are never boring.

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