A Horse For Summer Premiere with Dean Cain and The Fulcos with Appolonia Kotero

Check out guest host Tara-Nicole Azarian as she covers the red carpet at the “A Horse For Summer” premiere. Then, Nathaniel Pena interviews new family band The Fulcos, managed by 80s rocker Appolonia Kotero.

Interviews: Mandalynn Carlson, Nicole Taylor Criss, Chalet Lizette Brennan, Paris Smith, Joshua Ray Bell, Dean Cain, Christopher Rich, Ewa Halina Rich, Kenneth Lemm, Nancy Criss, McKenna Grace, Olivia Ooms, Merit Leighton, Riele Downs, Ella Anderson, Sean Ryan Fox, Matt Ryan King, The Fulcos: Joei, Jesse, Stevie, and Tyler.

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