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Why sponsor/advertise on Teens Wanna Know?

Buying ad space on TWK will allow you to reach thousands of teens, as well as Hollywood celebrities, rising young actors and musicians, entertainment industry VIPs and the parents of kids and teens involved in show business.

Why should we choose TWK over other brands?

Since we focus on celebrities as role models and themes such as literacy, teen entrepreneurship, community service, and “making dreams come true,” advertising on TWK will associate your brand with our positive, youthful image that is trendy while being socially conscious.

While we won’t shy away from covering topics that might inspire discussion, we avoid the sensationalism and scandal too prevalent in other entertainment media including, unfortunately, some sites aimed at impressionable teens.

What value does TWK deliver for my advertising dollar?

Our brand is steadily growing, with over 5,000 video views per month on average and over 1,000 unique visitors to our newly-launched website Our rates are competitive compared with other niche websites with such a highly targeted, youthful demographic.

Display Ads (

300×250 (top right ad, above the fold) $250
300×250 (2nd from top right) $200
300×250 (all other positions) $100
728×90 leaderboard, bottom of page $100
125×125 small square $50

●All ads are run-of-site (appear on each page of entire site) for 30 days
●Rotation: each ad slot is shared with no more than 2 other advertisers, rotated evenly on each page load (minimum 1,000 impressions guaranteed.)

Teens Wanna Know Web Show Sponsorship

●Price is per episode, with a lifetime run
●“This Episode Sponsored by” logo/URL card before end credits (5 seconds) $150
●Maximum 3 logo/URL cards will be sold per episode.

Teens Wanna Know Internet Radio

15 second spot $5
30 second spot $10

●5 spot minimum order, fulfilled within a one-week period
●Maximum 4 spots from all sponsors aired per hour.
●Spots run during Internet Radio primetime, from 9 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Discounts on Display Ads

●Three-month commitments receive a 10% discount.
●Six-month commitments receive a 15% discount.
●12-month commitments receive a 20% discount
●Repeat runs (month-to-month) receive a 5% discount.


●A standard 15% commission based on the gross (pre-discount) sale amount will be paid to recognized advertising agencies.

Payment & Asset Delivery

●Payments accepted via Visa, MC, Discovery, Amex and PayPal.
●Media assets should be delivered to

General Information

●Display ad assets should be less than 80kb in size
●All prices assume complete assets provided by client. We can produce your media assets for you at very reasonable prices ($25-$50 for radio spots, display ads, etc.)
●For other opportunities, including custom ad sizes, video ads, clothing and brand product placement, sponsored blog posts, please drop us a line at