ALWZ SNNY gives his TOP 10 DJ TIPS!

By ALWZ SNNY, who has a new single called ‘SNNYLAND’ coming out 5/26 with Ex-NFL star Marquette King!

Being a DJ does not only mean turning knobs or nudging the platter. Some people even think that DJs do not do much on stage other than pressing the PLAY button and jumping around while the audience is dancing. These people could not be more wrong.

Contrary to what most people believe, the route to DJing is not an easy one. It takes work, time, and dedication to become successful. You also need to find a way to stand out from all the wannabes and be exceptional in what you do.

If you want to be a great DJ, you will have to do much more than just turning the volume up and down and select tracks. You need to learn how to much your musical expressions with what the audience desires. DJing is about being observant and empathic; as you start turning feelings into great music, then you will get closer to achieving success. It is all about those Beats Per Minute (BPM) that are fundamental in the way humans feel the music. If you want to become a great DJ, start counting those BPM.

Whether you are new to DJing or you already started beat-making, check out my tips below!


Tip #1

By all means, the most important thing to do is to HAVE FUN!
You can follow all the other tips in any order, from 2 to 10.

Tip #2

Be the most prepared person in the room. This does not mean that you should have a set lineup of songs to play, but you should at least know where all your songs are located. Make them easily accessible, be organized, know how each song starts and ends, know how to get in and out of the songs. Use cues if needed.

Tip #3

Confidence and energy. The more energized you are, the easier it will be to get the crowd on board with your music. Be confident in the mix, and the crowd will rely on your projections.

Tip #4

Why not?
If there is something you want to try, then why not. Do not be scared to try something new and keep taking chances!

Tip #5

If you are a producer and a music creator, then play your tracks! Do not be afraid to bring your lyrics to life. If you are not confident playing them, why would anyone else even like them?

Tip #6

Keep your crates and playlists updated. Always be on the lookout for what the new hot song is.

Tip #7

Know your audience. If everybody is there dancing to EDM music, but you typically play hip hop, do not feel obligated to play hip hop. Just play to the crowd.

Tip #8

Learn your way through the mixer’s gain knobs. With DJ rigs you can adjust the “volume” in different ways. Learn how to watch your meters by adjusting each gain knob. I typically like mixing with EQs knobs, switching the low end of the song coming in with the song going out. Then, I focus on mids and highs. A lot of DJs just use the crossfader, but I like blending the two songs with the EQ knobs. I think it is a sweeter and smoother transition.

Tip #9

Use effects. My personal favorites are flanger, reverbs, slip roll, and helix. Some mixers may not have helix, so if yours does not, focus on using other effects. Flanger adds excitement to the song, reverb makes certain parts sound bigger, and slip roll adds cool repeated effects.

Tip #10

Build your brand. Your DJ entity is your business. Observe it and approach it with a growth mindset.


DJing is much more than just beat transitions. You must learn how to predict your audience and react to what they need. By finding common musical ground between you and the public, your success will grow steadily over time.

Being a DJ should not be limited to mixing up some tracks. Always be open to advancing your skills and explore new ways of making music that is only yours. For example, you can add a new layer to your sets through harmonic mixing. If you want to make your set more “live”, start using samplers, drum machines, live musicians, or remix decks. There is never enough practice for DJs and Turntablists.

If you choose to become a great DJ, there will be a few things to consider. You may even feel overwhelmed, especially when your skills advance, and you need to compete with the best musicians around. But do not let this intimidate you. As long as you are confident in your potential, your skills can only improve for the better.

So, what makes for a good DJ? Aspiration and Versatility.

Always aspire to be better, aim at one step higher than your colleagues.

Do not stop at mixes and mashes. Create your own beat and be unique!

Bring a personal touch to the music you make, and rest assured that your audience will remember you from afar.


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