Babysitting 101: How To Get the Kids To Sleep

With school out for the summer, there is so much free time available that you can use to make money. The beautiful weather has everyone outdoors, having fun, and parents are no exception. That is why you can make some extra cash on the side by offering babysitting services to families in the neighborhood. However, you want to ensure you stay booked all summer. You’ll have to prove you’re a great babysitter by having the kids fast asleep when the parents return.

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Tire Them Out

No parent wants to return home after a wonderful, kid-free night out to find that their children are running around, clearly not ready for bed anytime soon. Plan a day filled with physical activities and tasks to ensure you can easily get the kids to sleep. Consider playing hopscotch, having a dance party, or going for a walk. Children are bundles of energy, so they might have trouble winding down if you do not give them ways to expend it.

Stick To Their Schedule

The parents you babysit for will likely provide you with a schedule for their children. It is imperative that you stick to this schedule diligently; this is one of the best babysitting tips you can receive. Although the kids might make it seem like they have never had a schedule in their life, don’t let them fool you. They are very used to this schedule, and any deviation could cost the family days trying to realign to it.

Wind Down Early

In addition to sticking to the children’s schedule, it is a great idea that you begin winding down a bit earlier than the parents would. This is because children always feel freer when under the supervision of adults other than their parents—they feel less pressure to follow the rules. You may have experienced this in previous babysitting jobs where the kids seem much rowdier once the front door closes and their parents are gone. That is why you should wind down earlier. It will prepare them for the night.

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