Benefits Of Organic Skin Care For Teens

Teenage years are where hormones are raging all over the place. Puberty, stress, and several other factors lead to a lot of teens experiencing a range of skin problems. Dryness, over-oiliness, and acne are just a few of these, which is why the average teen will also spend a fortune on skincare products.

Many teens are now realizing the benefits of organic skincare. That’s because such products have fewer chemicals and a more lasting effect. Read on to learn about just a few of these benefits:

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Lowered Risk Of Irritation

Traditional beauty and skincare products are usually filled with all sorts of additives and synthetic chemicals. These might be useful for producing a positive effect on the skin in a short time. But they’ll wreak havoc in the long run. The risks, especially for a teen’s sensitive skin, include dryness, allergic reactions, inflammation, and reddening patches. You don’t want to swap one skin issue for another, so it makes sense to go for the gentle effect of organic products.

It’s also logical to go organic when it comes to eye and lip care. These are two especially delicate areas of the face. Therefore, using natural and pure ingredients is the way to go.

Better Fragrances

Even with the most high-end products, an artificial fragrance could be a dealbreaker. That’s why natural scents from organic ingredients will always win.

Smelling artificial fragrances all day long will also lead to headaches, hormonal imbalances, and many other negative side effects. We don’t even know what goes in those artificial scents as they’re usually trade secrets. Fragrance companies aren’t required to share these with their customers, so we’re in the dark here. On the other hand, organic products use just a few simple and pure ingredients for any one item.  

No Parabens Or Silicones

Additives such as parabens and silicones can make beauty products last for a long time. However, the negative effects of these additives is quite staggering and not worth it for risking your teenage skin. Parabens, for instance, can mimic hormones and affect our bodies in unknown ways. Since a teen’s body is still developing, it needs organic treatment to stay safe and healthy.

Silicones make your regular skin care products light and easy to apply. Unfortunately, they also clog up those pores, eventually leading to more breakouts. This is hardly what we want in our regular skincare regime.

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A Lower Environmental Impact

We all have to do our part in saving the planet. Using organic skin plus beauty care is a great way to fulfill this responsibility. Organic products usually utilize eco-friendly packaging or recycled material for this purpose. What’s more, the ingredients inside won’t be putting the health of marine life at risk when you wash them down the drain.

If they’re organic, most skincare lines also ensure that their manufacturing process is environmentally responsible and sustainable. This reduces their carbon footprint. As teenagers are usually concerned and passionate about pollution and animal rights, it only makes sense for them to go organic in at least this department.

Lasting Effects

You might notice the effects coming in slower when using organic skincare products. This is understandable as there are no chemicals or harmful additives to speed up the clearing or soothing process. But once the intended effect does come in, you can bet that it will be much more lasting and permanent than the results of traditional, mainstream products.

The Takeaway

Organic skincare products are excellent choices in many ways. You can do away with those harsh chemicals in regular products and opt for a gentler, more natural way of fighting off those blemishes once and for all!

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