Best Exercises for Baseball Players

Improving your game in baseball doesn’t just require time and effort; you need to direct that effort and spend time doing the proper workouts and exercising the right muscles. Don’t spend your time going about training the wrong way; that’ll only end in wasted time and frustration; go into practice knowing the best exercises for baseball players.

Best Exercises for Baseball Players

Prone Planks

There’s more to hitting a ball than just hitting it as hard as you can; you need to generate power in your legs and transfer it to your arms. To move that force, you need a strong core, and increasing your abdominal strength is key.

In many cases, people traditionally opt for crunches, but substituting those crunches with prone planks exercises more muscles than just the abdomen and provides more significant benefits overall.

Front To Back Lunge

As mentioned, much of the force you need to hit a ball comes from the lower half of your body; this makes it essential to make it as strong and as flexible as you can. Front to back lunges not only increase your overall strength in your legs but work the muscles to make them more flexible.

This flexibility comes into play when you’re working on your batting technique, and having greater control of your muscles makes the task of movement that much easier.

Hexbar Deadlift

Utilizing the hexbar deadlift exercises your glutes, which are an essential part of your hip rotation. Beyond just working on optimal hip movement, these deadlifts also aid in growing your back strength and grip. This added focus on the upper body ensures that you have a well-rounded routine and that you don’t neglect your upper body.


One of the most basic exercises also serves as one of the most reliable to help you with your upper body. The movements involved workout the arms, shoulders, and back—all vital muscles to perform bat swings optimally. They help build your strength and work on your overall flexibility!

Practice Your Form

Beyond working on your muscles, you need to spend time working on your movements and technique. There’s a trick to moving power from your lower body to your upper, and that will take just as much practice as exercising your muscles.

Ensure you know how to pick out the right bat for you; training with an unoptimized piece of equipment will negatively affect your muscle memory and hurt your results.

Focus Your Workout

It won’t do you any good to have a haphazard workout routine with no plan; you need the best workout routine for baseball players. Some exercises work muscle groups that aren’t necessarily beneficial to you as a player, while doing the same drills will overwork some muscles while ignoring others. Go into the gym with a plan and make sure you’re getting the most out of your effort!

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