Best Vehicles To Consider for a Restoration Project

Vehicle restoration projects are a massive undertaking and a labor of love. But before you start investing your time and money, assess your skillset and resources to obtain primary objectives. You should also consider which vehicle is most suitable for your project and create a practical plan of attack. Here are some great choices you should consider.

Best Vehicles To Consider for a Restoration Project

Vintage Military Vehicles

Bringing a piece of military history to life is an honor and a chore. To give a military vehicle the respect it deserves, consider many things, including paint integrity, accompanying accessories critical to the car, and original parts. Create a thorough plan before beginning and ensure you partner with a supplier fit for enthusiasts.

Ford Mustangs

An infamous restoration project to take on is an original Ford Mustang. A classic 1964 Mustang is easy to shop for and restore because of the availability of pieces and parts. Many people get these timeless icons restored for car shows or displays in their local town, and others enjoy sunny Sunday strolls in their newly finished beauty.

Chevy Camaro

A unique snippet about the Chevy Camaro is they really went out of style. Restoring a 1967 or 1969 version is an iconic project to consider. A fully restored version of this vehicle with authentic parts and paint colors holds a significant value today. The community of people with experience is vast so finding help along the way is easy.

The “Shoebox”

The Tri-Five Chevy, also known as the “Shoebox,” is a restoration must. Today, you can find an abundance of these unique models at almost any vintage car show or display. Each tells a different story and features interesting engine upgrades. The vastness of their availability makes them excellent for beginners and veterans alike.

A Beetle

A vintage Volkswagen Beetle is a unique vehicle to consider for restoration because it is an import and features user-friendly body paneling. Many hobbyists bring these back to life with fresh paint colors in vibrant colors and unique interior materials respective to their most popular time period. Finding parts and accessories is relatively easy because of the abundance and popularity of these vehicles.

Choosing the right vehicle is the first step to completing a vintage remodel. As long as you can find the parts, you can restore a car to its original glory and begin letting its age tell the story.

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