Best Ways To Overcome Any Fitness Plateau

Everyone at the gym experiences a plateau at some point. It’s only natural that daily workouts leave you tired, sore, and fatigued. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to quit. Try out some of these best ways to overcome any fitness plateau to help for your next workout.

Best Ways To Overcome Any Fitness Plateau

Eat More

One of the simplest ways to break a gym plateau is to eat more. When you hit a gym plateau, your body tells you it’s at its limits. However, any professional athlete or strength competitor can attest that this may not be the full picture. In fact, as you try to pass your gym plateau, your body may simply be out of energy. Food replenishes your glycogen levels which provide energy in the gym. If you want to boost your strength numbers or run longer on the treadmill, eat more healthy foods throughout the day to give it the energy it needs for the tough workout ahead.


Even if you feel you eat enough, you may actually deal with overtraining. Overtraining is the body’s way of telling you it needs to rest. Don’t equate rest with weakness though. Even the top athletes around the world know how to listen to their bodies and take a break from fitness. There are many ways your body tells you it needs a rest day. Gym plateaus are a clear indication, but also your joints, muscles, and ligaments may feel stiffer and ache more than normal. Also, you may feel tired throughout the day even through easy tasks. Use your rest day to heal your body and give it the recovery it needs for your next workout.

Hype Up

Finally, another one of the best ways to overcome any fitness plateau is to hype up for the workout. Something not many people realize is that it takes plenty of mental energy as well as physical energy to tackle a workout. Perhaps you’re not giving it 100% at the gym. If you’re someone who likes to talk, take frequent breaks, or play on your phone during your workout, consider taking a more serious approach. Whether that’s with a training partner to help keep you on track or limiting your phone time, you need to have the right mentality to workout. Don’t be afraid to attempt a one-rep max for your next lift. Even switching up your weekly routine can help you refocus on your goals.

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