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Best Websites for Keeping Track of Cryptocurrency Rates

Crypto trading is a popular way to gain profit from holding and selling digital coins. The market of digital assets is still emerging, so it is so sensitive to external factors and can change rapidly. Plus, there is no control on the part of governments and banks over crypto supply. These facts explain the high volatility of cryptocurrency rates and give investors the space to make money.

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Indeed, to succeed in crypto trading, you need to know all the pitfalls of the market and understand how to use strategies. Strategies help traders to be consistent and understand the best time for buying and selling digital assets. That may be a long-term investment style, when you purchase assets and sell them in a few months at a better rate, or short-term methods that may take a few weeks, a day, or even a couple of minutes. The training techniques are chosen based on the investigation of crypto charts. For efficient crypto trading, it is necessary to track live crypto market prices to find out constantly:

  • how an asset behaves during different market trends;
  • what causes the price fluctuations;
  • what is the max and min price indicators;
  • what are historical patterns and indicators.

Having this information, you can suppose that the scenario can repeat when the same conditions meet in the future and build your strategy correctly.

What Does a Cryptocurrency Market Price Depend On?

Here are some factors you should consider when analyzing crypto charts:

  1. The news background
  2. Investors sentiment
  3. The trend
  4. Supply of coins.

Where to Track Cryptocurrency Rates?

Here are some intuitive websites to monitor prices of digital assets:

  • Coinbase
  • WhiteBIT
  • Coinmarketcap
  • CoinDesk
  • CoinStats

For trading, select crypto exchanges WhiteBIT; for analytics – pick other services. Besides live crypto price and charts, WhiteBIT offers a variety of trading instruments and investment options, as well as crypto lending and other earning opportunities.

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