BIG Summer Book Giveaway!

Summer is here and school’s out for most teens…but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the books!

In order to keep your mind sharp, we recommend reading at least one book a month during vacation. To help you out, we are giving away a whopping TEN titles right now in a variety of genres, including graphic novels, gaming, martial arts and even graphic arts.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the selection (note: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning we might receive a small commission if you buy any of the books through Amazon):

Invasion of the Overworld by Mark Cheverton

Gameknight999 loved Minecraft, but above all else, he loved to grief—to intentionally ruin the gaming experience for other users.

When one of his father’s inventions teleports him into the game, Gameknight is forced to live out a real-life adventure inside a digital world. What will happen if he’s killed? Will he respawn? Die in real life? Stuck in the game, Gameknight discovers Minecraft’s best-kept secret, something not even the game’s programmers realize: the creatures within the game are alive! He will have to stay one step ahead of the sharp claws of zombies and pointed fangs of spiders, but he’ll also have to learn to make friends and work as a team if he has any chance of surviving the Minecraft war his arrival has started.

This action-packed tribute to the worldwide computer game phenomenon is a runaway publishing smash and the perfect companion for Minecraft fans of all ages.

Author Mark Cheverton majored in physics and math as an undergraduate in college and went on to teach in public schools for 15 years. He later went on to work for GE’s Global Research Center, where he researched laser welding , 3D printing, machine vision, process monitoring and machine control. He began writing his Minecraft series to help explain difficult lessons to his son, now 11. Those lessons include taking risks, a willingness to try something difficult and how to be brave. The books also address the sensitive topic of bullying.

From Bullied to Black Belt by Simon Morell

Since a very early age, Simon Morrell was the victim of merciless bullying. His torment continued into his adulthood when the taunting became violent assault. At one point, an attempted stabbing was made on him by a vicious youth hell bent on causing damage. After more beatings, Simon eventually succumbed to agoraphobia and panic attacks. He seemed destined to live the life of the meek, a man afraid to leave his house and not daring to expand past his small comfort zone.

Something within him refused to accept defeat. With the help of his wife, the mild mannered man embarked upon a journey in martial arts. His original goal was to find confidence, but he surprised all around him by excelling. Simon became one of the U.K.’s leading Fight Masters obtaining 6th Dan Black Belt and being entered into the Hall of Fame – twice.

From Bullied to Black Belt, whilst written by a Martial Artist, is so much more than a book about martial arts. It is a story of a man finding himself when all seemed lost, it is a love story that may break your heart, it is a story that will leave you inspired.

The Her Campus Guide to College Life by Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Chandler Wang, Windsor Hanger Western, and the Writers & Editors of Her Campus

From dating to internships–everything you need to know about college

Get ready for the best years of your life! Written by the experts behind Her Campus, this college guide is bursting with insider tips to help you navigate classes, relationships, and all your extracurriculars–including parties and Greek life. Whether you’re a seasoned upperclassman or are starting freshman year in just a few months, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bond with your roommate and set ground rules for your new space
  • Beat the Freshman 15 without having to give up dessert
  • Snag a date with the cutie from your Lit class
  • Cope with stress and anxiety–even during finals week!
  • Score jobs and internships that will help you transition into post-collegiette life

You’ll also get the lowdown on campus safety so you can enjoy all that college has to offer while avoiding the unfortunate scary parts that sometimes come with it. Complete with fun checklists and worksheets to help you carry out HC’s essential advice, The Her Campus Guide to College Life shows you how to make the most out of your experience–in and outside the classroom.

Let’s Go Letter Hunting by Friends of Type

Letter hunting, type spotting, font finding—whatever you want to call it—designers, typographers, and handletterers have long taken to the streets for inspiration in the bountiful and amazing examples of type that surround us. Whether hunting for forgotten vintage signage, a perfect piece of street art, or colorful handpainted ephemera, this lightly guided notebook from the popular design collective Friends of Type (authors of the Keep Fresh, Stay Rad Postcard Box) provides ample space to record, sketch, and riff off all the letters in the world that are fit to hunt.

So what do you do with it if you are a teen and not necessarily into designing fonts?

This is simply a great book to jot down ideas, sketch, brainstorm, and or use as a diary or journal.

It is beautifully bound and just feels great in the’ll love it!


Collection of Six Zenith Press Graphic History Books by Various Authors








This collection of graphic novels (don’t call them comics!) is a great way to learn history without going to sleep after 5 minutes, like you probably did in school. All of them are illustrated in full color, and draw you into the action of some of US history’s most important battles:

  • The Battle of the Bulge
  • Gettysburg
  • Normandy (D-Day)
  • The Red Baron
  • Grant vs Lee
  • Bombing Nazi Germany


(these are actual books you will get if you win)



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