Brilliant Tips for Senior Year of High School

Spend your last year of high school taking advantage of several opportunities. This way, you can graduate with a fresh outlook on the world. As you read these brilliant tips for senior year of high school, apply this advice to your life.

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Meet With Your College Counselor

College counselors can help you select a college or university that fits you best. Remember that the college application process isn’t their sole responsibility, and staying on top of things is important. However, they can guide you throughout the college application process. Schedule a meeting with your counselor and discuss goals, interests, or potential career opportunities.

Take Interesting Classes

High school is the time to explore your hobbies and interests, so take advantage of different classes. Take fun electives and discover something you enjoy. Sometimes, your interests can help you determine career paths or college majors. For example, a robotics class may direct you toward a career in computer science, or a pottery class can encourage you to study art in college.

Shadow a College Class or Job

Admittedly, many seniors don’t know what they want to do after high school, and many students who do have an idea change their minds. So, consider shadowing some college classes or career fields.

There are several career paths available, and exploring your options is essential. Who knows—you may find the perfect field for you. If you find a prospective field, think about gaining work experience.

Showing field-related work experience can help your college application stand out and boost your resume for future jobs!

Keep a Calendar of Important Dates

Senior year is busy, and you need a way to organize your life. That’s why keeping a calendar of important dates is another brilliant tip for senior year of high school. You can set reminders for upcoming things and get a better outlook on the months ahead. Here are some things you can write down:

  • College application due dates
  • Meetings with school counselors
  • Networking events
  • College class or job shadow days
  • Senior pep rallies, prom, and other social events

Have Fun

Although college applications, classes, and extracurriculars can fill your schedule, have fun during your senior year of high school. This is a special time in your life, and you deserve to make awesome memories. Whether you try new things, spend time with friends, or explore hobbies, make the most of your senior year!

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