Can a Brain Heal Itself After a Stroke?

Top Tips To Help Your Brain Heal Itself After a Stroke

The great news is that your brain can heal itself after a stroke! Although it can be hard to predict the timescale and the exact level of recovery, research shows that, in many cases, the brain can make a complete recovery.

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Understanding The Cause Of A Stroke

A stroke is similar to a heart attack but it happens in the brain. When a blood vessel bursts or is blocked, the blood can no longer supply the brain cells with the oxygen and nutrients they need. The affected area has nerve cells and brain cells. The nerve cells will die, causing a loss of control of the functions they usually operate.

In contrast, the brain cells are damaged but don’t die. They are capable of regenerating. Your body will literally rebuild the cells and they will retain their ability to function. 

It’s worth noting that the majority of the recovery takes three to four months. After this, the brain recovers at a slower rate although it can continue to rebuild up to two years after the event. 

Seeing a Specialist

The most important first step is to get prompt medical help. That means the emergency team who can assess the issue and restore blood flow if necessary. It also means seeing a spine surgeon. This type of surgeon specializes in the spine and brain, they will be able to evaluate the damage and help you recover. 

It’s worth noting that the faster you get help the better the chance of a full recovery.


Medication is an essential part of the recovery process. They can help your brain rebuild, give you assistance emotionally to prevent depression, and thin the blood to ensure a reduced risk of further strokes. 

But, it’s essential that the medications are monitored and adjusted to balance out the benefits with the side effects.


Research has shown that a Mediterranean diet is the best option for stroke victims. The diet is high in natural fats and avoids processed sugars. You’ll be eating plenty of fish and skipping red meat.


There are two types of exercise you can do to help your brain recover. The first is physical exercise, including focusing on moving problem areas of your body. The second is mental exercise. Problem-solving and learning new skills is a great way to keep your brain busy and learning. This can help to facilitate the rebuilding of brain cells and hasten your full recovery.

Get Social

It can be hard for anyone who has suffered from a stroke to interact with others. However, social interaction is essential to maintain self-worth and the desire to achieve new goals. It’s an essential part of the recovery process.


Music is a great way to stimulate the brain while staying relaxed. This encourages healing and boosts cognitive awareness, which is a great way to get the brain working properly again. 

Recovering from a stroke is possible. But, you and your loved ones need a little patience and need to be dedicated to doing the best things for your body and brain.

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